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Snowflake Super Model Wants Trump To Pay Medical Bills For “Anxiety”

There have been a number of asinine and absurd claims by the left as to just how the presidency of Donald Trump has negatively affected them.

Celebrity snowflakes seem to be disproportionately disheartened by the election of Trump, as evidenced by their incessant need to be observed whining, bitching, and throwing temper tantrums whenever a camera or microphone is pointed in their general direction.  Several of these affected Hollywood-types had even threatened to leave the country should Trump actually take over the Oval Office…a threat that was proven to be empty the moment Hillary Clinton conceded and everyone stayed put.

Now, one supermodel celebutante is taking her criticism of the President a step further, while still somehow making it all about her.




That’s right:  We are supposed to believe that supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who is wealthy and famous all on her own, should have her medical bills paid by the President because she has given herself anxiety over his presidency.

Never mind that the rest of the nation is surviving just fine…these liberal snowflakes are far too precious for the emotional stress of a fairly elected Commander in Chief.

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