Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Being Eyed By Secret Service for Trump Assassination Video


In-decline rapper and cultural punchline Snoop Dogg has come under fire for his recently released “Lavender” music video.

No, it wasn’t the objectification of women, irresponsible portrayal of firearms, or absurdly over-the-top use of marijuana that had America up in arms.  It was the simulated assassination of President Donald Trump that had critics and fans alike infuriated with the rapper turned reality-TV star.

Now, only a few days after its release, the video has instigated a response from the Secret Service, and the perpetually innocent Snoop Dogg may regret barking up that particular tree.

“A representative for the U.S. Secret Service told TheWrap on Tuesday that the agency, which is responsible for the safety of President Trump, is ‘aware of’ the video ‘Lavender,’ which features Snoop Dogg shooting a clown-faced Trump stand-in with a toy gun.

“It is unclear whether the agency is investigating or planning to investigate the video, as the Secret Service spokesman said that the agency had no further public comment on the matter at this time.

“In the video, directors Jesse Wellens and James DeFina depict an America where everyone’s a clown, including president ‘Ronald Klump.’”

Snoop’s video is merely the latest instance of outright threats aimed toward the President by the American political left, and is a troublesome reminder that the rules are certainly different for liberals as it pertains to mock violence against the Commander in Chief.  One must ask themselves, would there be a different reaction if a country music artist depicted the demise of Barack Obama in a music video?

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