Saturday Night Live

SNL Takes Up Residence in Colbert’s Gutter, Gives Filthy in Portrayal of POTUS

Saturday Night Live really hasn’t been all that entertaining for well over a decade, and their latest anti-Trump stunt may have gone over the top.

The long-running sketch show has had a liberal slant for its entire existence, and their priority on political themes hasn’t helped them to shake that unfortunate reality.  A slew of comics have made their mark simply by becoming the token presidential impersonator for the program.

Now, however, they have likely gone too far in their portrayal of Donald Trump, taking a page out of Stephen Colbert’s homophobic book.

“Clearly, Saturday Night Live is running out of material and will do just about anything to grab a cheap laugh. For example, in their latest spoof on the Trump administration, last night SNL decided to portray the president and his White House press secretary as homosexuals.

“The spoof starts with Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant) holding a press briefing which is soon taken over by Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) who fears he will lose his job to Sarah. Spicer then travels to New York City to confront President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) about the rumors that he’s being replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. This is when the president begins ‘making out’ with Spicer passionately.”

Earlier this month, Stephen Colbert faced national backlash when he made a crude comment regarding President Trump performing a lewd sexual act with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  The actual wording of Colbert’s insult is far too uncouth to be reprinted here, but it created an enormous backlash online.  An FCC investigation was soon to follow, along with the trending of #FireColbert on social media.

Now, with SNL also using homosexuality as a way to insult the President, perhaps the left will finally be outed for the insensitive, shallow, and homophobic snakes that they are.


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