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SNL Fat Shames Huckabee Sanders, Feminists Vanish into Thin Air

Liberals have long liked to believe that they are the bastions of social justice, trampling anyone who dares to speak out against any member of society for any reason…except, of course, if you’re a conservative.

There is no doubt that a long line of liberal hypocrisy has been built into the current political climate of America.  It’s almost expected at this point.  The left will take up the causes of some of the nation’s most peripheral societal groups, acting as if those not in-the-know are unacceptable dunces.

One of the most prevalent examples of this new form of attack has come to us from the LGBTQ rights advocates in the democratic party, who blindly accept whatever new designations that the community at large wishes to force on the rest of the nation.  Ignoring biological anatomy, and often common sense, the left will unequivocally agree to whatever these fringe groups ask for, in order to garner their votes come election time.

Liberals were some of the first to jump onto the “body shaming” bandwagon as well.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way advocating for widespread bullying of fellow human being based on their appearance, (or any other reason, really).  What worries me about the democratic narrative here is just how militant they’ve become.  It seems at times that any comment made about the appearance of someone who happens to be in the democrats’ fringe-community voter rolls will be construed as body-shaming, fat-shaming, thin-shaming, blonde-shaming, or whatever nonsense is the cause du jour.

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So, why then, when Saturday Night Live pulled their most tasteless and tacky stunt yet, fat-shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders, did liberal feminists bury their heads in the sand as if they were some species of ignorant, human ostrich?

“The latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” took on its usual targets: Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary (played by Melissa McCarthy), and President Donald Trump, played by Alec Baldwin. But the show also had Sarah Huckabee Sanders in its sights and used questionable means to mock the principal deputy White House press secretary.

“In a sketch that showed McCarthy’s Spicer retaking his podium at a press briefing, Huckabee is shown as clumsy and dumb, with a particularly over-the-top Southern accent. She’s also seen midway through the sketch, coming from backstage munching on an apple.

“Her part in the sketch is small, but it’s clear what the messaging is: Huckabee is fat and dumb. Both her weight and her accent were the targets of ‘humor.’ Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo felt the depiction of Huckabee went too far.

“[Cuomo] added, ‘They had her eating. I thought it was in poor taste. I really did, but that’s me.'”

It’s never fun to admit that you agree with one of the buffoons over at CNN, but Cuomo actually got this one right.  It was tasteless, it was mean-spirited and, truly, just not funny.



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