Snake in The Grass? VP Pence Offers to Take Polygraph Test

Even at the late hour in which I meter out this idea, I imagine that the furious tapping of my keyboard is nothing compared to the scene in the West Wing.

The commotion.  The tension.  The utter confusion.  Sleeplessness abound, certainly.  There are traitors roaming the halls, and our politically fresh President is wading higher and higher into the swamp, taunting the serpents and snapping turtles as he splashes.

This uncomfortable scene was made possible last week by an anonymous piece in the New York Times, supposedly written by a “senior” White House official, who claims to be part of a second “resistance” movement.  The article went on to claim some abhorrent and possibly treasonous behavior attributed to the author and their clandestine cabal.  In the aftermath, the rebuttals came flying around the immediate vicinity of the President, with the military men at the front of the line to refute these claims.  After all, they recognize the rule of law that must exist for this embattled White House to continue to operate in the face of the resistance.

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A slew of other White House notables made sure to cross their names off of the list as well.

Now, Vice President Mike Pence has offered to take things a step further.

Pence, a Vegas favorite for the identity of the secret author who wrote the now-infamous “resistance” article published in the New York Times, has made a clear statement denying he was in any way involved, and calling out whoever was.

“Every senior official in any administration takes an oath to the Constitution,” he said:

The Constitution of the United States vests all executive power in the president of the United States. To have an individual who took that oath — literally say that they work every day to frustrate the president advancing the agenda he was elected to advance — is undemocratic. It’s not just deceitful, but it’s really an assault on our democracy. And that person should do the honorable thing, step forward and resign.

The Vice President then doubled down on his denial, saying that he would take a polygraph test to prove his innocence “in a heartbeat,” as well as willingly “submit to any review by the administration.”

Given the tumult already stewing in Washington DC, I would not be surprised to see someone take the Vice President up on this offer.

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