Smartphone App Helping Illegal Immigrants Evade the Law


Donald Trump’s presence in Washington D.C. has spawned a new wave of law and order throughout the land, and that has many illegal aliens fearing for their free ride.

While Trump has been twice thwarted in his attempt to keep America safe through an executive order limiting international travel from terror-sympathizing countries, other efforts of his have proven fruitful as it pertains to national security and immigration.

Under President Trump, there has been a renewed focus on border security in America.  For years, Mexico has been hemorrhaging illegal immigrants into the United States.  Some are coming to take jobs in which they will be able to skirt tax laws come every April 15th.  Others are arriving here as agents of the deadly and horrendous drug cartels that have staked claim on every facet of society south of the border.

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Now that the nation is once again enforcing the immigration laws already on the books, a great deal of ICE raids and deportations have become headline news.  It’s a tactic of the left to demonize these law enforcement officers and their sworn duty, and that angle has spawned a business opportunity for one smartphone application creator.

“The app is essentially a ‘panic button’ with useful little tidbits on how to evade ICE and break the law further. The app was created by 25-year-old illegal alien Adrian Reyna whose app, as reported by Breitbart Texas, already has 8,000 people pre-registered for the impending launch:

“‘The app is designed to allow the user to preload 15 SMS text messages that they can send to family, friends, attorneys, doctors, bosses, and other important contacts notifying them that they’ve been caught in a raid.’

“‘The recipients of the SMS text message do not need the app to receive the message.’

“Rather than putting their efforts into becoming legal citizens and doing things the right way, these criminals have decided to put their efforts into evading justice further. The app was backed by United We Dream, which asserts that is the, ‘largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation … made up of over 100,000 immigrant youth and allies and 55 affiliate organizations in 26 states.’”

Many Americans have simply forgotten that illegal immigrants are just that, illegal, and a campaign of normalizing the practice of entering this country without the proper documentation has invaded the psyche of the nation.  One CNN headline in the wake of this nonsense went so far as to suggest that there are “must have” apps for “undocumented immigrants”.

Meanwhile, those of us not suckling on the teat of the mainstream media will see this application and others like it for what they truly are:  Aiding and abetting criminals in our backyard.

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