Slandering a Good Man – No, H.R. McMaster is NOT Anti-Israel

Two weeks ago Caroline Glick wrote that National Security Adviser, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster was, ‘deeply hostile to Israel and to Trump,” a charge that is entirely false.

Her post was widely shared and quoted. Others have added to the story and have piled on, including the Atlantic, Breitbart, and even the Zionist Organization of America. All of the reports rely on anonymous hearsay and personal assumption without looking at speeches he might have made about Israel, nor do the articles attempt to ask the people who should know—senior Israeli officials who worked with the general throughout his career.

In the following paragraphs, you will see why the attacks are at their core illogical, and that they use false assumptions. You will also hear from senior Israeli officials who know the General and believe the charges to be ridiculous.

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Let’s get out of the way the question of McMaster being hostile to President Trump. Does anyone really believe that a president who almost fired his Attorney General (who is arguably his most loyal supporter in the administration) for an act he perceived as a mistake, would retain any cabinet officer who was hostile to him? Or even one who disagreed with his campaign promise to be supportive of Israel (unlike the previous administration)? Allow me to add this question.  Does anybody really believe that a decorated soldier who has served in the Army for thirty-three years (and still serves), a soldier who earned the level of a three-star general got there by trying to sabotage his commanders? Would that same decorated soldier sabotage his commanders now? If he truly disagreed with Trump’s policies he would resign not countermand Trump’s orders.

One of the new claims is that it was McMaster who pushed the POTUS not to allow Israeli officials accompany him to the Kotel during his May trip to Israel (the Western retaining wall of the Temple Mount). Back in May, all of my sources blamed it on left-over Obama officials at the U.S. Embassy and most other reporters said the same thing.

But in Ms. Glick’s recent post, without any evidence, she now says it was McMaster, and even claims that he tried to stop the president from going to the Kotel at all. Her source was “senior officials.” Name one? I am afraid that Ms. Glick is relying on anonymous officials who have no desire to leak the truth but have an agenda against General McMaster.rely on personnel changes by various White House officials. Supposedly he purged the National Security staff of Israel supporters and/or people who wanted to get tougher with Iran.

Ms. Glick’s post is being used because it was the one that started all the false charges. Most of her post relies on personnel changes by various White House officials. Supposedly the General purged the National Security staff of Israel supporters and/or people who wanted to get tougher with Iran.

For example, Ms. Glick wrote:

In May, Adam Lovinger, a pro-Trump national security strategist on loan from the Pentagon’s office of net assessment, was summarily informed that his security clearance was revoked. He was fired and escorted from the White House like a spy and put on file duty at the Pentagon.

Time for some truth. Firstly, Adam Lovinger wasn’t escorted from the White House as a spy; everyone who gets fired gets escorted out, that’s what happened to Anthony Scaramucci, after he was booted from his short stint as communications director.

The biggest issue with the false charges regarding Lovinger’s exit is that General McMaster didn’t fire him, Defense Secretary General Mattis did (does she believe all Generals look alike?). The Washington Free Beacon reported that Lovinger’s firing was initiated by the Defense Department because there were issues with his handling of classified information. Judicial Watch added that Mr. Lovinger sent out scathing memos criticizing his DOD boss James H. Baker (he’s not the same guy as the Bush #41 Secretary of State, neither is the James A. Baker who works at the FBI). Try sending out memos bashing your boss and see what it does to your tenure…


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