Chelsea Handler

SLACKTIVISM: Chelsea Handler Characterizes GOP as “All White” Rape-Lovers

Apparently, Chelsea Handler is now a “political activist”.

The former Netflix personality, (who started her career as the token crude chick on E!), has given up on being a television personality for the time being in order to officially focus on her “activism”.  No, I’m not being hyperbolic here, this is literally what the story is.

What does this “activism” entail, exactly?  Apparently it’s all about being as offensive as possible on Twitter.

If  being offensive and derogatory counted as activism, the KKK would have won a Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s very telling that Chelsea Handler didn’t want to go after the idea of “privilege” in this series of tweets, given her position within society, and the automatic gravity given to her political opinions.

Handler, in a released statement, (which I suppose she thinks is more real than a tweet?), even went down the revolution rabbit hole, calling for Americans to “take to the streets”.

“What could be more important than fighting for the rights of our daughters, mothers, and sisters not to be thrown in jail for making decisions about their own bodies and futures?” Handler wrote in a press release.

“We need to do everything possible to defeat this nomination. We need to speak out. We need to call our senators. We need to take to the streets.”

Now, what do we think Handler will complain about once the FBI is done investigating the situation and we’re right back where we started?

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