Skittles Accused of Racism After Changing Packaging to Promote LGBT Rights


Leftists are not outwardly known for their bigotry, preferring to pretend that reverse racism doesn’t count as racism, but new examples of their hypocrisy arrive every day.

Take for instance the confused and despicable masses that identify themselves as part of the Black Lives Matter radical hate group.  These wayward millennials are hunkered down behind the auspices of being affected by constant racism by the police, caucasians, and anyone else who they believe they can pin some minor offense one.

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Now, armed with the ridiculous terminology of the liberal fascists that looking to homogenize society, these miscreants parading as activists have taken major umbrage with the Skittles brand of candy, citing, you guess it:  Racism.

For years, Skittles has promoted LGBT equality via a promotion in which the company removes the rainbow colors from it’s packaging and product.  The intended point is to say that some things just wouldn’t be the same without the colors of the rainbow, the universal symbol of the gay and lesbian community.  Not to be overlooked while another cause is having their moment, Black Lives Matter twerps have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints.

“’This is soon [expletive] stupid. Why should whiteness mean equality?!’ said one Twitter user.

“’Skittles realized how white/capitalist PRIDE was becoming and wanted to join in the efforts. Interesting,’ said another woman.

“’Damn, Skittles turning against the coloreds too,’ added another.

“’Shoulda been brown or black. I aint eating no white skittles,’ said another woman.

“However, the demand that everything has to be filtered through the lens of the ‘Oppression Olympics’ has brought with it the relatively recent trend of social justice warriors eating their own.

“This has led to some on the far left denigrating LGBT causes as a distraction from the supposed oppression of black people (a phenomenon that objectively does not exist).”

What has been described here as the “Oppression Olympics” has been a huge thorn in the side of Americans as they continue their revolt against overreaching political correctness in the modern era.  The persecution of level-headedness and realism has been a true struggle in recent years, and the polarization of leftist causes has created an entirely new level of nonsense.

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