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SJW’s Mistakenly Harangue Patriotic Coffee Company On Liberal Twitter

The “resistance” has been hard at work over the course of the last few years, attempting to paint any support for the US President as some sort of sign of inferiority among their fellow countrymen.

If this sounds absurd, it is because it is absurd, and it has led to an all out war over Free Speech on the internet.

Imagine a world where the Boston Red Sox donated a ton of money to Twitter and, in return, Twitter suspended anyone who posted pro-New York Yankees content.  That sounds fairly ridiculous, right?  Well that is almost precisely what is happening on social media today.

The left is waging war over the fact that Donald Trump is the President, and they’ve moved the goalposts on free speech in order to contain dissenting viewpoints under the guise of “hate speech”, or, alternatively, shadow-banning those that they can’t silence outright.

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Now, a coffee company from Georgia, employing Americans and bolstering employment for foreign coffee farmers, is being lambasted on social media over their support for President Trump simply because the left refuses to see the forest for the trees.

Thrasher Coffee Company, who we have covered before, was the focal point of a Paste Magazine article some weeks ago in which the authors targeted the small business for resistance rage over their conservative values.  The hit piece went on to attempt a character assassination of the company President, and called for their leftist readers to grab their torches and pitchforks to figuratively attack the business.

What these anti-Trump liberals could not see through their blind rage was all the good that Thrasher does, and how nothing within the company’s ranks jibes with the resistance insinuations of racism, bigotry, and hatred supposedly emanating from the White House.

Well, the egg is on the left’s face once again in this instance.

You see, Thrasher Coffee, while being an American small business through and through, creates work for a great many people in South America and Africa, where the world’s most excellent coffee is grown.  According to the company, these beans are then imported to America where they are roasted and processed by the Thrasher team in the state of Georgia.

Still, the trolls have crawled out from under their bridges to attack the company’s founder on Twitter.

At least Molly sort of had something nice to say about this small business.

Isn’t “ageism” something that the left constantly decries?

This sort of troll-bait has been a constant with Thrasher…so much so that a company spokesperson has made the following statement to

“As anyone with coffee knowledge knows the finest coffees grow between the tropics. That is mainly Central & South America, Africa & Indonesia.

Delicious coffee is grown in Hawaii though and I’d love to introduce a Kona option in the future. I’ve also heard of a farm in California working hard to grow & process coffee here.

“Back to our coffee, we use American labor to transport it & roast it. My lease and all subsequent expenses are paid to an American. I hire Americans to work with me. We source our bags, shipping material etc from American companies. Our little company directly enriches tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans.”

And, not to be too personal, but the coffee is actually quite delicious, likely thanks to the international cooperation that I touted earlier.

So, when you attack a company like Thrasher, who openly sources their coffee from the places where it is simply the best, but then take that excellent product and turn it into something uniquely American, there is little room for dissent, even among the constantly angry liberals.

If this coffee wasn’t in support of President Trump, none of this would matter one iota to the angry mobs of liberals that Maxine Waters is directing.

The left is simply judging this product by its outward appearance, and that, my friends, is an ugly and deplorable habit to get into.

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