Singer Boosts Sales & Popularity After Wearing Pro-Trump Dress to Grammy Awards

The media would have you believe that all of Hollywood and every celebrity in America are liberal Democrats who supported Barack Obama and many of his progressive and socialist ideologies. That would especially hold true with celebrities that appear to be black.

I say appear to be black because Barack Obama appears to be black but in reality, he is half black and half white. His father is a black African from Kenya and his mother is a white American. If you ask many of the black activists around the nation today, you will find that few of them realize that Obama is as much white as he is black. Some will even get belligerent if you tell them Obama is half white, like you were trying to blaspheme their hero.

There is a certain celebrity that also appears to be black but like Obama, the appearance doesn’t show the true ethnicity. Meet Joy Villa. Born Joy Angela Villa, the singer appears on stage as Princess Joy Villa. She appears to be a lighter skin black American, but that’s not the full story.

Her father was of Italian ancestry and her mother is black American and Choctaw Indian, meaning that her appearance could be rather deceiving as far as her ethnicity goes.

Villa has a history of wearing showy gowns to events like the Grammy Awards and this year was no different. She shocked the room full of liberals in her blue and white gown that had Donald Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again, running down the front left-side.

Photos of her in her Trump dress have hit all the media and news outlets. Many liberals would have thought such a move would have hindered her career, but the opposite is true. Quartz Media posted:

“Full of starry pomp and drama as it may have been, the 59th Grammy Awards this weekend also featured its—perhaps needless—share of politics. Katy Perry performed with a ‘persist’ armband in front of a giant projection of the US constitution. A Tribe Called Quest railed against ‘president Agent Orange’ for ‘perpetuating all of the evil.’ Chance the Rapper wore a hoodie from his new Barack Obama-themed clothing line. As had happened prior to Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president, few musicians seemed to be on Trump’s side.”

“Then there was Joy Villa, who, at the pre-show red carpet, threw off a white robe to reveal what amounted to a Donald Trump election campaign banner that’d been hastily folded and stitched into a dress. The gown proclaimed ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’ on the front, while its back spelled/yelled out ‘T R U M P.’ Both, in glitter.”

After her appearance at the Grammy’s Villa’s popularity began to skyrocket as reported:

“The singer amassed 11,000 new Twitter followers in an hour. Her EP, I Make the Static, jumped to the top of Amazon’s best-selling album chart this weekend and was #16 on Apple’s iTunes chart this morning. ‘Go big, or go home,’ Villa tweeted. ‘You either stand up for what you believe or fall for what you don’t.’ As a relatively unknown musician, Villa didn’t have much to lose with her publicity stunt; the attention-grabbing dress was a smart strategy, because it could only win her more renown.”

Similar stunts by other celebrities, such as Kanye West have backfired and hindered their careers, but not in the case of Joy Villa. Her controversial dress has most likely earned her more than enough to pay for itself. Perhaps, it’s an indicator of a shift of some kind in support of President Trump?

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