A Few of the Silliest Protests Liberals have Planned for Inauguration Day

Yesterday I asked rhetorically what would make Democrats happy, aside from canceling the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Overnight, libs obliged. Broadway star Jennifer Holliday, who was scheduled to perform at the inauguration, announced that she was backing out, issuing an apology to her fans “for her lapse of judgment” and “for being uneducated on the issues.” Give her points for honesty.

Several other celebs have already performed but not for the inauguration but to oppose it. The Daily Mail notes that a bevy of Hollywood denizens, including Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Amy Adams, have pooled their “talents” for a recording of the disco classic “I Will Survive.” Get it?

A group that calls itself Refuse Fascism published a full-page anti-Trump ad in The New York Times on Jan. 4 and is planning a flash mob to surround the Trump Hotel in D.C. (Flash mobs are the “adult” version of holding your breath till you turn blue.)


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