Signs Appear on Campus saying “It’s Okay to be White,” Called Racist Scandal

As of late, our country and our world has started a movement to promote diversity and races, however in the process of that, they have demonized the simple act of being “white.”

White farmers in Africa are being slaughtered, just as white people in America are being attacked and people tweet out, “Kill all whites.”

At what point did it become a sin to have skin with less pigmentation? Despite the liberal propaganda, people should know that just like it’s okay to be black, it’s okay to be white as well. We are all people.

Signs have been appearing across the country with five simple words on the: “It’s OK to be white.”

Of course it is being deemed as racist because obviously it is not appropriate to be white if you ask BLM or liberals.

WDAY 6 reports:

Concordia College students said multiple signs saying “It’s OK to be white” were scattered across campus.

Some were on light poles, and one was at the business center.

Administration says they’re unsure just how many went up, or who is behind the posters.

Social media this week exposed multiple signs across the country at Tulane University, Purdue and the University of Alberta.

The sign is linked to a ‘4chan’ online forum:

It laid out a gameplan for people to dress up in costume during halloween, put up the signs, and watch as ‘the media leftists froth at the mouth…’

Concordia Senior Micah Ferden said, “(I) was really shocked that someone had the guts to do this because we try to promote diversity so much and seeing this is saying hey, we still have students who aren’t fully invested in this diversity message.”

Sophomore Moshe Mekori said, “I just realized how much hate is going on. We live in a world without love, and it’s crazy. I thought this was the last place I would see that, but apparently it’s happening.”

Honestly, I do not see a problem with the message. Just like Black Lives Matter can spread their message about black lives mattering, then I don’t see why its wrong to say, “It’s OK to be white.”

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