Republicans and Democrats Both Hate This New Law in Utah

It is hard to get both sides of the abortion issue to agree on much. They debate the procedures, the moment life begins, and whether it is about the mother or the baby. But Utah Governor Gary Herbert has managed to unite the two sides on one thing. Both sides hate the new bill he just signed into law.

Christian News reports

The Republican governor of Utah has signed into a law a bill that requires abortionists to administer anesthesia to unborn babies so that they cannot feel pain as they are being murdered.

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This at first glance seems to be a very humane law. It will prevent the child from feeling as much if any pain as it is being torn from its mother’s womb. But there are people on both sides calling the move bad for their respective causes.

Christian News reports

Abortion advocates have decried the measure.
“This law is about stopping abortion,” Dr. Anne Davis of Physicians for Reproductive Health told CNN. “This is just another measure to deter women from getting abortions.”

This is false, as there seems to be little any law has done to slow down the murder factories. It may cause the cost to rise, but this will not stop the poor from killing their offspring. But Davis is not alone in her disdain for the new law.

Christian News continues

But abortion abolitionists have also decried the move, stating that it is absurd for pro-lifers to permit the murder of unborn children as long as the babies are drugged before they are killed.

“Bills such as these are keeping abortion ‘safe and legal’ and are only delaying the day of total abolition. They say crazy things (after more than 40 years!) like, ‘Its not all we wanted, but its a step in the right direction,” said Abolish Human Abortion on social media on Tuesday. “But, these politicians have taken oaths to uphold their state and federal constitutions, which in no way give anyone the right to murder their own children. They could end abortion; they just don’t want to.”

I believe a truer statement could not be made on this issue. This is just another move by a politician to placate his constituents. If they were killing three-year-old children in those clinics, they would be beating down the doors and sending these people to the death chamber.

And if you are truly anti-abortion, then there is no qualitative difference between the unborn and the three-year-old.

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