Jim Acosta

Showboating Acosta Gets Old-Fashioned Granny Scolding on LIVE TV

While the liberal left continues to rage against the idea that the “fake news” is a topic for discussion, there is little doubt left across the aisle that we are facing an unprecedented challenge in the mainstream media today.

The mainstream media has been railing against the newly coined phrase for some time, believing that this somehow infringes on their right to a free press.  What they’ve forgotten, however, is that CNN, MSNBC, and others within the 24 hour news cycle are only disguised as a free press to begin with.  Their content doesn’t come from some sense of truth and urgency, rather, from the whims of the marketing magnates who bankroll their stations.

It’s not cheap or easy to run an entire television network, and, given that your only true, significant source of income arrives via your advertisers, who is really in charge of your stories?

The minute that a company such as Facebook pulls their advertising from a certain content provider, that content provider is left to find that missing revenue themselves.  If CNN promotes a story that may expose a raw nerve in Facebook, (such as their willingness to use your phone’s camera to sell retina-data to advertisers), and Facebook then pulls the plug on a multi-million dollar marketing contract with CNN, how do you think that this “news” outlet is going to react?

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Now, when we look at all of the enormous corporations out there in the world, what do almost all of them have in common?

Globalist ideals.

The reason being is that globalism allows the ultra wealthy to become even wealthier by consolidating power, thereby lowering the number of palms to be greased.  So, if CNN were to espouse anti-globalist ideals, they would simply go broke.

Does CNN want to go broke?  No.  So do they maintain a “freedom” of the press?  Debatable.

Possibly sensing this austere and anxiety-producing reality, CNN’s Jim Acosta has been attempting to make a name for himself over the course of the Trump Era, constantly interrupting any event to which he’s invited, hoping to somehow attach his name to the White House in perpetuity.  The schtick has been widely lambasted by the administration, but that hasn’t deterred the impish Acosta.

He even has his own chant at Trump rallies, which we’ve been told is “Go Home Jim”:


If that doesn’t work, perhaps a good, old-fashioned talking-to from Granny will do the trick.

Still, Acosta persisted, basking in the glow of the camera throughout the remainder of the rally.

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