Shocking: Woman Killed in Vienna by Illegal Immigrant

It should not take so long for people to see the danger a policy will create. All one has to do is think of how things could go wrong. But there is no excuse when there is an example from the past which has repeatedly been ignored.

Such seems to be the case with Austria and the migrant invasion. Though the country has begun to close its leaky border with Italy, there is still the issue of what to do with the migrants that are there. Particularly those who are there illegally.

Breitbart reports

An illegal migrant with a long criminal history has brutally murdered a 54-year-old woman on a Vienna street while she was on her way to work.

News headlines in Austria Wednesday morning were focused on one topic, the brutal killing of a 54-year-old woman by an illegal migrant from Kenya. The woman was walking down the street at 2:30am on her way to work with a colleague when the man, armed with an iron bar, bludgeoned her to death. The two women worked as cleaners for so-called gambling cafes reports OE24 .

The attacker has a very long history of lawlessness in Vienna and has been arrested and convicted several times for a litany of offences. These offences include a recent attack on another person in the same general area.

There was also an order to deport the man in 2014, but because of the lack of a repatriation agreement between Austria and Kenya, there was nowhere to send the man. This means that they had no choice but to set him out on the street until he agreed to leave of his own volition.

Though it is hard to think of executing incorrigibles, what would it have saved the citizens of Vienna not to mention the life of this woman? When we resist the penal code of scriptures (Deut. 21:18-21), we eventually argue that the criminal’s life is worth more than his victim’s.

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