A Shocking Twist in Bundy Ranch Case, New Video Proves BLM Aggression!

The first of three Bundy Ranch Trials is finally underway and testimony from Government witnesses has begun but already a shocking development has occurred.

A video surfaced online showing previously unseen footage from the Bundy Ranch protest in 2014. Defendants have always insisted that the Government escalated tension in the Tuquop Wash on Saturday, April 12th 2014. Leaked video shows federal agents being instructed to sling or put their long guns out of view. Instead, Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love deployed militarized BLM and US Park Police agents who subsequently pointed their weapons at protesters. Body cam footage records agents laughing about shooting animals and speaking as if they wanted an armed confrontation.

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The narrative and timeline of events has always been disputed. Defendants insist that the Sheriff had announced that BLM’s roundup of Bundy cattle would cease. Eager to watch the cattle return to Golden Butte, protesters met horseback riders in the Tuquop Wash who would guide the cattle under the highway and back to the range.

They arrived to find federal agents with weapons raised and repeated attempts to tell them to disperse. People with binoculars could see snipers positioned on elevated ground behind the wash. The aggressive nature of federal agent’s action caused some citizens to take defensive postures out of the reasonable concern for grave bodily injury or death.

The Government would have people believe that Bundy dispatched an armed assault force to retrieve his cattle. Although it is well-documented that the Sheriff had already announced a cease of roundup activity, this video depicts a concise but accurate version of events in the wash and includes video clips that incriminate BLM agents for the escalation of tension.

The video also shows BLM agents asking people to relocate to a First Amendment Area. It goes on to show the arrest of Dave Bundy for photographing the militarization of agents in the area. Later it shows body cam footage of agents talking casually about killing protesters in the wash. Substantial portions of the video have never been seen publicly. If the video is any indication of what lies in evidence under protective order by the Court, the Government has a lot of questions to answer; and the wrong 17 people are going to trial.

Anthony Dephue

Anthony Dephue lives, works, and plays in and around Boise, ID. Holding dear the pursuit of life and liberty, he is an active participant with and supporter of patriot-minded and 2nd Amendment groups. The unfettered right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is, as the Founders intended, the last and final stop-gap to runaway tyranny from a strong central government; it is the foundation by which all other God-given and enumerated rights derive lasting efficacy.

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