A Shocking String of National Polls Show the Race Tightening – Clinton Camp Getting Scared!

The Clinton camp must be getting scared. Over the last couple of weeks the polling data has been telling us that the race is getting tighter and tighter. Donald Trump suffered a truly terrible last few weeks (from the end of July into the first week of August), but he’s since been working to right his campaign ship, and the polling seems to suggest that his work has not been in vain.

The polls which once showed him behind by as much as 15 points, now have him in single digits and sometimes within the margin of error! While this is cheerful news for the Trump faithful, it still must hurt to be trailing a woman who has been mired in corruption scandal after corruption scandal over the last year or so.

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Sadly, the Trump campaign cannot concern themselves with where they are at right now; instead they have to focus on continuing to build on their electoral gains and figuring out how to mend fences with voters who still can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump. Millions of Americans seem to be at a crossroads, with the polling showing us that they revile Hillary Clinton and would rather vote for almost anyone else… now Mr. Trump just has to prove to those voters that he can be that someone else.

But the poll that the Trump team will likely most closely monitor is the LA Times tracking poll, which had Mr. Trump in the lead last week, and today shows him behind by less than 1%.

Again, it might be hard to see these polls and think, “Donald Trump is in a good spot.” But you should consider just how bad of a candidate Hillary Clinton is. She is disliked by a clear majority of the American people, she is viewed as dishonest by an overwhelming majority of voters (including Democrat voters), and we know for a fact that she will continue to suffer embarrassing attacks on her character thanks to her inept handling of her emails and our nations secrets.

The fact that Donald Trump remains within striking distance means that if he can somehow avoid the pitfalls that befell his campaign in late July into early August, he still has a very real chance at being our next President.

The question is… can Donald Trump keep out of his own way and make this election all about Hillary Clinton? I sure hope he can.

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