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The Shocking Return of The Anthem Kneeling Numbskulls

It used to be that the most embarrassing thing about games in the National Football League were the tailgating fans of the great white north.

For those of you who haven’t bore witness to the throngs of Buffalo Bills fans doing their thing in the tailgate lots surrounding New Era Field, here is a little taste:

(p.s.:  There is some strong language in this video).

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Bills fans and the entire Cleveland Browns organization had long been tied for the crown of most abysmally embarrassing entities within the NFL, but only until Colin Kaepernick decided that he would join the ranks of the liberal “social justice warrior” class during the 2016 season.

Kaepernick, a backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49er’s at the time, was looking for a way to bolster his public image, and keep his names on the tongues of the liberal-leaning anchors over at CNN.  By entrenching himself within the leftist cult of “social justice”, Kaepernick could kill two birds with one stone.

That stone would also kill his career, however.

Kaepernick’s decision was to protest the broad and undefinable “racial injustice” in America by offending as many Americans as possible.  His specific theory was that, by refusing to give due respect to the National Anthem and all that it stands for, he would become the talk of the town and elevate himself to some sort of political platform.  Just about half of his plan worked.

Kaepernick certainly offended an enormous swath of We The People, but soon lost all credibility in the social justice circuit with his “cops are pigs” sock stunt and his wholesale inability to articulate whatever thoughts he believed to possess on the subject of “racial injustice”.

Worse still; the attention that Kaepernick received from the mainstream media, including ultraliberal ESPN, wasn’t taken lightly by other NFL players who needed a boost to their career’s trajectory. The anthem-bashing continued to grow, with players kneeling, sitting, stretching, and otherwise ignoring the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.  This led to an enormous protest and boycott of the NFL, whose fans were not going to allow an overpaid brat second-stringer to bring politics into sports for his own personal gain.

With the NFL season behind us, we hoped that we’d have at least some reprieve from the liberal lunacy of Kaepernick’s claim to fame.  Unfortunately, two schoolchildren in Seattle have proven us wrong.

Two elementary school students kneeled on the field during the pregame national anthem ceremony at a Seattle Mariners game.

A video posted on Twitter by a fan at the game, Louis Penna, showed the two girls kneeling – across from the military honor guard presenting two American flags — as they performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” Saturday with the student choir from Seattle’s Mount View Elementary School.

On “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday, former Army officer and opinion columnist Jeremy Hunt said he believes children are being taught “revisionist history” in schools.

“It’s so incredible just seeing how the story really shows just the cultural divide taking place in our country,” he said.

Hunt said he doesn’t think patriotism is being taught enough to students.

“Even worse than that, [kids] are not being taught the same American history that many [older citizens] were brought up learning,” he said.

The picture itself is worth a thousand words.



Is nowhere safe from the ridiculous rhetoric and publicity stunts of the “social justice” junkies?

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