Staffer of Well-Known New York Presbyterian Church Says Homosexuality Isn’t a Sin

It was bound to come down to this, eventually. Anyone who is acquainted with the Protestant Church has seen it happen on issue after issue. There is a stand, and a no tolerance policy. Then the next thing you know, popular leader after popular leader caves.

The next thing you know, all the celebrity preachers and their worshippers are lockstep allowing and even praising themselves for the change. Breaking their arms to pat themselves on the backs for their grace. All in the name of the Savior, who hated sin so much that He died to rid His people of it.

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Well, as they say, here we go again.

Christian News reports

A staff member at New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, led by popular megachurch pastor and author Tim Keller, and who handles sermon orders for Keller, identifies as a progressive who doesn’t believe homosexuality is sinful and is part of a so-called church plant whose leader recently made recommendations to do away with male/female-separated restrooms nationwide.

Now, I know what you are going to say. Wait, this is not Keller, it is one of his staff. But this is not a new development. This has been going on, and there have been no steps taken to reign in this leader. Casey Fulgenzi has been very open with his cooperation, support, and even volunteering for groups that openly support LGBT “ministries.”

Keller has to know Casey’s stance and his adamant claims of Political and religious Progressivism. As evidenced by his social media activities.

Christian News continued

Fulgenzi is himself supportive of those who identify as homosexual and transgender, posting on his social media pages, for example, Macklemore’s “One Love” video and notating his visit to Big Gay Ice Cream in New York City, as well as other mentions regarding his views on homosexuality—that he understands the Christian objection to the lifestyle, but “I think it’s not accurate.”

“How does homosexuality effect (sic) you and other Christians? I guarantee it doesn’t directly or even indirectly effect Christians as much as greed, gluttony, theft, rape, racism, or even foul language,” he wrote during one discussion. “Yet, for what topic (aside from abortion) do Christians break out the biggest soapbox? Why? Why not focus on all of those other things that actually impact your everyday life and millions of others in a negative way?”

There is also the issue of Keller’s own words concerning sodomy and the Church. Keller himself has raised concerns for some of his comments about homosexuality, such as when he stated during the Veritas Forum at Columbus University,

“[H]eterosexuality does not get you to Heaven, I happen to know this, so how in the world can homosexuality send you to Hell?”

“[W]hat sends to Hell is self-righteousness, thinking you can be your own savior and lord. What sends you to Heaven is getting a connection with Christ because you realize that you are a sinner and you need intervention from outside.”

Keller is clear here that he thinks and teaches sodomy is a sin but is this the baby steps walk-back on the issue. As most who eventually come out to support LGBT causes, this could be his progression (no pun intended) to allowing sodomites in his congregation.

If so, we will see then who is following Keller and who is following Christ.

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