BIZARRE: Yet Another Demographic Group Claims They’re Being Oppressed

In the 90’s there seemed to be a never-ending flow of people who claimed that they were victims. And though it seemed then that every diversity was coming out of the wood work to claim that white men ruined their lives, it was nothing compared to what we see now.

There are those who say that there is an active search by white heterosexual males of who are seeking people to oppress. Now as strange as this might sound, people are listening to this madness.

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Fox reports

A self-proclaimed “fat activist” gave college kids in Minnesota yet another issue to angrily protest: Thin privilege.

To mark “International No Diet Day,” the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health invited Virgie Tovar, a Cal-Berkeley lecturer and “fat activist,” toinstruct America’s future nutritionists, dietitians and social workers on the finer points of “fat oppression.”

This means that those people who are overweight are now being oppressed by those who are not overweight. How exactly is this taking place and what are these skinny white boys doing that is so oppressive?

Fox continues

She even, reportedly, compared society’s anti-fat culture to so-called “rape culture,” and chastised society for its obsession with what she termed “thin privilege.”

According to Tovar, the students, who study public health (at one of the top 10 schools for public health), shouldn’t push people they deem overweight to shed pounds, even if it’s better overall for health. “Weight loss is not a realistic goal for most people,” she said, declaring that exercise and diet are “social constructs.” She implored her audience to “lose hate, not weight” and rebel against “diet culture.”

So, now we live in a “Rape Culture,” and a “Diet Culture.”  People feel pressured to be thin and therefore they are forced to diet and exercise.

Welcome to the full-blown lunacy of our dying culture.

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