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SHOCKING CLAIM: White House Leaker Revealed in New Book!

The presidency of Donald J. Trump, although less than two years in duration so far, has been a bit of a rollercoaster of the American people.

Trump, who by all measures in an unconventional and unorthodox President, paraded into Washington D.C. on the votes of the nation’s patriotic, working class.  We were sick and tired, and, frankly quite angry about the way our nation’s capital has turned into a cesspool of unkempt corruption and political chicanery.  Lobbyists and special interest groups have been selling the American people to the public servants who we’ve elected, attempting to eek out every precious dollar that We The People have worked enormously hard to earn.

Big Pharmaceutical, the predatory medicinal industry, has been a horrifying example of this trend, with enormous corporations creating products designed to ensnare Americans in the throes of addiction, all the while greasing the palms of the Washington establishment in order to keep alternative medicines out of the hands of those who need it most – all in the name of the almighty dollar.

When Trump came to Washington, however, the old ways were put on notice.

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Of course, this has irked the deep-seeded Deep State politicians who rely on this monetary malfeasance to pad their already plump pockets.  Trump’s presence in the nation’s capital sent many of them scurrying around in the dark corners of the D.C. swamp, looking for ways to undermine the populist Commander in Chief.

One of the most heinous tactics of this “resistance” has been the incessant leaking of proprietary White House information to the press.

Trump’s inner circles shakeups have become a near-constant affair, as the President attempts to smoke out whatever rats are in his midst.  According to a new book, that rat could be none other than close confidant to the President, Kellyanne Conway.

“If you wonder why there are so many leaks out of the White House, one reason is Kellyanne is the number one leaker,” said Ronald Kessler, author of “The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game.

While he was interviewing Conway at the White House for his forthcoming book, she started “lashing into Reince Priebus,” the former White House chief of staff, Kessler said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“She said the most mean, cutting and obviously untrue things about Reince and I didn’t include them in the book because they were so unfair,” he said. “She also lit into Jared [Kushner] and Ivanka [Trump], saying that they leak against Steve Bannon. And I know that White House aides have seen texts that she has sent to other journalists dissing her colleagues, leaking material.”

This news would certainly be a shock to the system in Washington, seeing as Conway has been by the President’s side through thick and thin during his tumultuous first year in the Oval Office.

Conway broke a major glass ceiling during the run-up to President Trump’s election, becoming the first female campaign manager to ever successfully steer a candidate into the White House.

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