Shock Revelation: DNC says the FBI “Never Contacted” them about Servers after Hack


If this is true it should be a bombshell that gets former FBI Director James Comey fired again.

According to the former chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, neither the FBI nor the Department of Homeland Security ever asked to see the DNC servers after the supposed “Russian hack.”

Wasserman Schultz made her comments after hearing former Obama Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson argue that the DNC had refused help from the government after the hacks. In reality, the Florida Congresswoman says that the government never reached out to the DNC.

In a statement to the media, Schultz said:

“At no point during my tenure at the DNC did anyone from the FBI or any other government agency contact or communicate with me about Russian intrusion on the DNC network. It is astounding to me that the chair of an organization like the DNC was never contacted by the FBI or any other agency concerned about these intrusions. As a member of Congress, I had the unique clearance to hear any classified briefing that would be involved in such an intrusion, and the FBI clearly should have come to me with that information. They did not.

If the FBI or any other government agency ever came to me with that information, I would have gladly welcomed their help. In fact, back in March, former FBI Director Jim Comey testified that he wished he had personally done more to notify the DNC of the Russian intrusion.”

The Obama Justice Department has a very different story of course. Former FBI Director Comey testified that his help had been refused by the DNC and that they never had any opportunity to examine the DNC servers to make sure that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC. In fact, the FBI’s belief that the Russians had hacked the DNC came solely from the report made by the 3rd party contractor who said they couldn’t be sure but they believed that it was the Russians.

Johnson testified on Wednesday that he wasn’t actually made aware of the Russian attack on the DNC for several months and that when he was finally apprised of the situation, it was clear that the DNC wasn’t going to cooperate with government investigators.

“In retrospect . . . I should have bought a sleeping bag and camped out in front of the DNC in late summer,” Johnson told the House Intelligence Committee.

Johnson said he was “not happy” to learn so late that the DNC had been hacked, and he also said its officials rejected help from Homeland Security professionals to identify the intruders and patch vulnerabilities in its IT system.

“The answer [from the DNC], to the best of my recollection, was not reassuring. The FBI and the DNC had been in contact with each other months before about the intrusion, and the DNC did not feel it needed DHS’s assistance at that time,” Johnson said.

I have no idea who’s telling the truth here because both the DNC and the Obama intelligence community have become infamous for their lies. It is amazing to hear all of these Obama cronies pointing fingers at each other and attempting to shift the blame away from themselves. At this point the one thing that has become abundantly clear is that someone within the Obama administration is guilty of some pretty serious criminal activities, sadly, with all of the blame shifting, we’ll likely never know who was really at fault.

My pessimism doesn’t mean that Congress won’t try to figure this all out. In fact, that is what Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is now focused on doing. He appeared on Fox News on Wednesday evening to talk about what he had learned during his hearing that day, and to explain what really happened after the DNC “hacks.” Gowdy explains that there is still a lot of unknowns in this investigation, but it’s starting to become clear that there was something on those DNC servers that the DNC didn’t want the American people (or law enforcement) to see.

“Let me hazard a wild guess: that there may be something else on that server they didn’t want law enforcement to see?”

Here’s hoping that the Gowdy investigation finally gets to the bottom of this mess.


Onan Coca

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