Shock Report: Christian Orphans Tortured in North Korea, Christians Brutally Beaten in Pakistan

Our world is racked with pain and evil, that much is clear from a simple perusal of the daily news. However, life is harder for some than it is for others. For example, the Christian population of the non-Western world lives in constant fear of persecution, torture, and death.

We in the West were reminded of this sad truth this weekend when a shocking new report escaped from North Korea.

During the week-long North Korea Freedom event at Georgetown University students had the opportunity to hear from Lim Hye-Jin of the New Korea Women’s Union who told the story of how the North Korean government treated 17 orphan children who had fled to China but were arrested and repatriated by the Chinese government.

From the Christian Post:

Lim Hye-Jin of the New Korea Women’s Union recounted through a translator one such story about the North Korean dictatorship’s treatment of  17 North Korean orphans who decided to defect and made their home under a bridge in China. They were arrested and detained at a detention center in China and forcibly repatriated to North Korea. Three of the 17 were discovered to be Christians and were sent to a political prison camp.

“Under North Korean law, children under the age of 18 should not be sent to a political prison camp. But in this case, they were found to be Christians and had been in a church, [so] they were separated from their group” where they were “tortured harshly” while the other orphans were sent to a reeducation camp with other children, Lim said.

The North Korean security agents found out that they were Christians because they discovered calluses on their knees, as they had been praying for a long time for God to help them, Lim said.

The other 14 orphans were told that the three Christian orphans who had been separated from the group had been sent back to an orphanage in North Korea. But those children told Lim that if that was so, they knew that they would try to escape because they were “100 percent sure” they would starve to death if they had stayed in the orphanage. They at least had a chance at survival begging in the streets.

Stories like these continue to happen today, Lim added, concluding her remarks by asking people to pray for North Koreans.

Sadly, the plight of Christians in North Korea is not an isolated problem.

Just last week a similar story of denigration and torture was whispered out of the Muslim nation of Pakistan. Where the Christian community in Phul Nagar, District Kasur in Punjab Province is currently living in fear after a series of attacks on Christians in the region, including a spate of home invasions. What began as a dispute between two young men over a cell phone spun out of control and led to attacks on dozens of local Christians.

The alleged assailants identified as Hafiz, Hamza, Saghar, Asif Jamil, Shani, Kashi, Mazhar and others stormed into the Christians’ neighborhood and stated harassing and threatening the local Christians. Local Christians claim there were 21 assailants, who has perpetrated the attack.

The armed men pitilessly, bashed every person who came in their sight on the streets. What is more they stormed into the houses of Christians and stated beating the Christians. They also resorted to aerial firing, therefore, causing terrors and harassment in the entire neighborhood.

The attackers did not spare Christian women, and beat them also. Consequently, Christians informed the incident to the local police, therefore an FIR (First Information Report) was lodged at the Police Station City. The attackers have not been arrested so far, as Christians complain police are unwilling to hook them because of their ties with a religious out-fit.

We must continue to agitate for the cause of our Christian brothers and sisters, as well as other minorities, throughout the world. They do not enjoy the rights, freedoms, or privileges that we in the West so often take for granted. They NEED us to fight for them, because they cannot fight for themselves.

Onan Coca

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