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Shock Polls Worry Liberals: Most Americans Side with President Trump!

A trio of new polls that were just released this week have the Left in an uproar as they worry about the future of the Democrat Party and their movement in general. President Trump has faced bitter opposition since the moment he was elected back in November of 2016. Each day a new negative story hits the press and the Trump administration is forced to focus not on important issues facing our nation, but ridiculous and trite stories that are circulating in the media. You’d think that with all of the negative press that President Trump’s poll numbers would have cratered by now and that most of the nation would have turned their backs on him long ago…

But you’d be wrong.

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At least according to a few of the latest polls of the American voters.

In an attempt to bury the lede, Reuters recently reported that “One in Eight People who Voted for Trump are Having Second Thoughts.” What the title of the story should have actually been was “88% of Trump voters STILL HAPPY with their vote!”

Reuters then even got their own story wrong, here’s what they said about the poll results:

In the July survey, 12 percent of respondents said they would not vote for Trump “if the 2016 presidential election were held today” – 7 percent said they “don’t know” what they would do, and the remaining 5 percent would either support one of the other 2016 presidential candidates or not vote.

Actually, only 5% of Trump voters said they would not vote for Trump if the election were held again today. 7% said they “didn’t know” what they would do. Apparently, simple math has become too difficult for the folks at Reuters. Meanwhile back in April, a similar poll had found that Hillary Clinton had already lost 15% of her support.

The point from this first poll? Donald Trump would still, even after months of negative press coverage, be a very difficult candidate for a Democrat opponent to defeat.

Speaking of the biased media, there were a couple of other new polls that had some terrible news for them too.

A recent PBS/Marist poll found that there are more Americans who trust President Trump than there are who trust the mainstream media.

From the Daily Wire:

In what one PBS NewsHour guest described as a “horrible trend,” a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that more Americans trust the Trump administration than they do the establishment media. While trust in both was quite poor, 7% more respondents said they put a “good amount” or “great deal” of trust in the Trump administration (37%) than said the same of the media (30%). Asked about their trust in polls, Americans also rated them slightly below Trump at 35%…

But the most eye-opening numbers involve trust in the media: Only 56% of Democrats have a “good amount” or “great deal” trust in the media, while 42% said they don’t have very much or any at all. Republicans expressed even less trust in the Fourth Estate, only 9% saying they trusted it; a stunning 91% said they did not trust the media. Only 28% of Independents said they trust the media; more than two-thirds, 70%, said they did not trust the media. Oof. 

But it doesn’t stop there folks.

The latests Zogby poll asked Americans if the media is treating President Trump fairly and the majority of respondents answered with a resounding “NO.” A full 57% of Americans believe that the media is treating President Trump unfairly with their constantly negative coverage of him.

A majority of likely voters (57%) believe the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump is too negative and 44% disagree. While the President has been known to slam media outlets for “fake news”, our poll shows voters are not crazy about the mainstream media’s coverage of the Trump presidency. Not surprisingly views of this issue are split along party lines, with nearly seven in ten Democrats disagreeing that coverage is too negative, while Republicans are almost all (87%) in agreement that the mainstream media is not fair towards Donald Trump. Independents fall in line with voters overall; a majority (54%) believe the mainstream media is not fair in its portrayal of the President.

Is the mainstream media’s coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency too negative?

Again, the Daily Wire covers what may be the most surprising revelation from this poll:

Even among the Democrat-leaning sub-groups, a large percentage criticized the media. Here’s the breakdown of some of the traditionally Democrat-leaning sub-groups highlighted by Zogby:

  • Women —55% yes / 45% no
  • African-Americans — 51/49
  • Lower income earners (less than $25k annually) — 50/50
  • Western voters — 49/51
  • Younger voters (18-29-year-olds) — 44/56

In other words, among these five traditionally Democrat-leaning groups — which should have a generally negative attitude toward Trump — more than 4 in 10 of them believe the media is overtly biased against Trump. That’s yet more evidence that the establishment media is in the midst of a massive credibility crisis.

The Left is not happy. Months of attacks, Millions of dollars spent campaigning against Trump, countless hours of negative press, and Trump is still unscathed. Their frustration is palpable, and fun to watch.


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