Sheriff says African-Americans have been “Hoodwinked by this Monolithic Voting for Democrats”!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was on fire Tuesday morning when he made a guest appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends. He was asked about the upcoming presidential election and Donald Trump’s continued attempts to woo minority (specifically African-American) voters. Sheriff Clarke, who is well-known for his direct style, let loose citing history and data to buttress Donald Trump’s argument that now was the time for the black community to unite behind the GOP. Clarke admonished the Democrat Party for lying and taking advantage of the black community, who he said, had been “hoodwinked” into monolithically voting for the Democrats.

“Well, time will tell, but it has the potential because he’s making an appeal. He’s pleading to black Americans who are stuck in these ghettos. You know, the American ghetto has replaced the cotton fields where Democrats have gathered blacks in the horrible and miserable positions for political power. The appeal for a guy running under the Republican nomination for the Republican label, I should say, I think is a step in the right direction.

If you go back in history and black people have been separated from their history — traditionally they voted Republican. This is Abraham Lincoln, a Republican who freed the slaves. It was the Republicans in congress who did the may have lifting to get the Civil Rights Act passed as well as the voting rights. The Democrats were against it, Lyndon Johnson had to appeal to Republicans, even though the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, he didn’t have enough from the Democrats who stood in the way of the passage of those two important bills. Once we reconnect black people with their history, which is what I’ve been trying to do, their eyes will open and say this they’ve been hoodwinked by this monolithic voting for Democrats. Nothing has gotten better over Democratic control of the vote.

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No, what he stated was backed up by data statistics are real. These are deplorable conditions. These progressive policies have wrecked some great American cities, Baltimore, Milwaukee, look at Chicago right now — 455 murders to date. That’s more than the deaths of coalition forces in Afghanistan since the start of Obama’s second term in 2013 where 270 coalition forces have been killed. So you have almost twice as many people killed in the city of Chicago. I don’t see Obama going to Chicago to help out. Obama was in Martha’s Vineyard, for heaven’s sake, that’s where he vacations and spends his time on luxurious resort golf courses and in Hawaii. that’s far removed from the American ghetto. Until we start to look and talk about that as well, I’m going to give Donald Trump a break at this point only because this is a recent appeal.”

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