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Sheriff David Clarke SLAMS President Obama for Not Doing His Job and Quelling the Anti-Trump Riots

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has long been a thorn in the side of the Obama administration, and just because the President is entering a lame-duck session doesn’t mean Clarke is going to let up now. The good sheriff recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the disturbing trend towards violence that we have been seeing in the last week of anti-Trump protests across the country. True to form (and because he’s right), Clarke took President Obama to task for once again failing to do his job to protect innocent Americans everywhere from the violence of the rioters.

Of the Obama administration Clarke argued, “It is their responsibility to reach out and to remind these individuals of this time-honored, peaceful transition of power here in the United States.”  In this the Obama administration had failed, and were in the process of continuing to fail because more protests were popping up each day, and some of them were turning into destructive and violent riots.

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Of the rioters themselves, Clarke didn’t mince words:

“These are anarchists, full-fledged anarchists. They don’t even support the Constitution. This isn’t constitutionally protected behavior. They also advocate for the overthrow of the rule of law here in the United States of America. This is designed to intimidate the Trump administration right out of the gate and to intimidate Trump supporters so they don’t go big and bold once they take office in January, but they cannot be dissuaded by this.

You can see the full segment below:

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