Sharyl Attkisson says Reporters Ignoring Rules of Journalism in Attacks on Trump

On Monday CNN announced that they had accepted the resignation of three different employees in the wake of having to retract a false news story that the network ran late last week.

The story that CNN ran, then deleted, and finally apologized for, was completely false, and while someone deserved to be fired, these three employees were likely the wrong people to be let go. In fact, the people who should be asked to leave are likely far higher up the ladder – and are responsible for the culture at CNN that would allow such terrible reporting to published.

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In fact, in recent weeks we’ve seen a handful of “bombshell” stories being reported, only to later learn that they weren’t true at all! Whether it was Trump being under investigation, or Comey telling Trump that he wasn’t under investigation, or Trump team members collaborating with Russia… all of these stories were later proven false, but there were no repercussions for the organization’s reporting the false stories. It’s unconscionable, and it’s creating an atmosphere where the American people have no faith in the media.

Tucker Carlson and Sharyl Attkisson explain:

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The Establishment is Scared of Trump so they are Ignoring the Rules:

This is a confluence of factors including we have now invited pundits and political operatives into our newsroom not just as commentators and pundits but also as reporters, anchors in editorial positions. So, sometimes there’s little meaningful difference now I think between the people reporting the news and the political operatives who want to advance news narratives. That’s a problem.

I also think that the establishment, I’m talking Democrats, Republicans, and the media establishment have exempted themselves from the normal journalism rules and rules of political behavior because they see Donald Trump as such a big threat. They would say a Hitleresque threat. That means they don’t have to follow the normal rules of journalism in this case. I think it’s more of a threat to the system of favors, money, and access that has been developed through what we have known as a political establishmen


Why are they so scared of Trump?

Washington survives on a system that has gone on for decades of access and money where people have spent decades paying into certain politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, to make sure certain political hearings don’t happen, to make sure certain laws have provisions written in. All of a sudden, overnight, all of that access they’ve bought, all the hard work they have done as lobbyists and so on is almost worthless if Trump’s reality of Washington comes into play and nobody seems to like that.


What is the long-term cost of acting like Trump is a despot when he isn’t?

The news media is suffering a credibility gap in general because it has decided to blur together like I have never seen before — opinion and advocacy journalism with what I think people would like to think is more straight news, journalism, reporting of just the facts. I think that harm is going to take a long time to dial back if they even want to dial it back. And I’m not sure we do.


What happens when there is a Crisis but No one believes the Reporters?

I kind of liken it in the extreme to the situation, as it must be in North Korea. if you have a TV and can watch the news and it’s going to be a version that’s approved and put out by the state, I think in some respects we are getting artificial reality created by people who are putting out narratives, whether Democrats, Republicans, or corporate interests and people sense, at least some people, that they’re not getting an accurate picture. And I think if you are like me, there is very little that I see reported on the news that I instantly believe without doing my own checking because so many formerly reputable news organizations have been proven to be 180 degrees wrong not just a little bit wrong.

So many insisted President Trump was under investigation when he wasn’t. So many that insisted it couldn’t be true that Comey had told him three times he wasn’t under investigation, when that was the case. These sorts of things with very little repercussions when the reporting turns out to be wrong based on, I think, highly inadequate standards, reporters doing things that wouldn’t be allowed in journalism schools but doing them now with impunity.

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