When Sexual Assault becomes Sexual Identity

Many Leftist men are being accused of sexual impropriety, manly, sexual assault in all shapes and forms. But are they really doing anything that’s morally wrong?

Maybe they were born that way like homosexuals who keep claiming that they were born with a particular sexual identity.

Transgaenderers assault themselves as they under the knife and have their male or female sexual organs removed, take hormones to assault their body’s sexual hormonal output, and identify as the opposite sex.

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If it’s OK to self-identify at Brown University University as “persons of color,” then why is it wrong to identify as a sexual aggressor since Brown and all major universities teach evolution as a scientific fact, and evolution teaches that we have evolved because of sexual assault.

More about that below:

This site lists and defines dozens of sexual identities, everything from

agender – adj. : a person with no (or very little) connection to the traditional system of gender, no personal alignment with the concepts of either man or woman, and/or someone who sees themselves as existing without gender. Sometimes called gender neutrois, gender neutral, or genderless.

To ways to define a person’s sexual identity:

ze / zir / “zee”, “zerr” or “zeer”/ – alternate pronouns that are gender neutral and preferred by some trans* people. They replace “he” and “she” and “his” and “hers” respectively. Alternatively some people who are not comfortable/do not embrace he/she use the plural pronoun “they/their” as a gender neutral singular pronoun.

Facebook has a list of 51 Gender Options to choose from.

The goal is to indoctrinate children into believing that sex is not objective. This could mean that the person being “assaulted” sexually is misidentifying the action. Millennials are in a quandary over trying to find the moral basis for actions. They act out of emotion and self-identity. But if everyone does this, then there is no objective morality.

You see, it’s all about what a person “identifies” as. And that identity can’t be challenged. In some locales, to use the proper identifying pronoun can get you fired from your job or fined for your refusal to acknowledge someone else’s chosen gender identity.

I’m just adding one more to the list it’s the S/A identity. These people identify as sexual assaulters. It’s all based on atheistic evolutionary science. We’re animals. That’s what the textbooks say…


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Gary DeMar

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