Does Same-Sex Marriage Justify Human-Animal Hybrids?

Have you ever heard of the expression of giving someone an inch and they’ll take a mile? What about the one that two wrongs don’t make a right?

Do you believe that the approval and acceptance of one abomination justifies the acceptance of other abominations?

Not that long ago, no would dare do anything publicly to ridicule or blaspheme God, Jesus and the Bible. Then a few brave atheists dared to challenge the Christian history and foundation that formed America into the great nation it was.

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Famed Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair had an agenda to undermine Christianity and a lot of the authority in the United States when she took her case all the way to the Supreme Court. When asked, O’Hair explained what an atheist really is in her opinion:

“An atheist is a person who questions every kind of authority and this is the thing that is important because if we can, without blinking an eye question the ultimate authority God, who must be obeyed, then we can question the authority of the state. We can question the authority of the university structure. We can question the authority of our employer. We can question anything.”

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Once the foundations of Christianity in America began to crumble, morality and ethics that also made America the nation it was, began to crumble and be compromised as well, leading to the acceptance of more and more sinful lifestyles.

Liberal progressives took O’Hair’s initiative and began questioning more and more of America’s moral, ethical and political authority and values. By the 1980’s, homosexuals began coming out of the closets. Liberals pushed and pushed, questioned and questioned until under the reign of Obama, homosexuals began to obtain legal status, acceptance and rights equal to and above those of normal straight people.

Not only did they obtain the right to marry, but it’s considered to be hate language to criticized a homosexual or same-sex marriage but it’s not hate language for them to criticize others.

Now we are seeing same-sex marriages be legalized in cities and states across the country, just as we warned. Now Christians and conservatives are raising warnings about the legalization of pedophilia, among other abominations and again we’re being told that there is no way that they will be legalized.

Consider the fact that liberal organizations such as the United Nations and Planned Parenthood are already telling kids as young as 10-12 years of age that sex is okay as long as they are safe. The UN is advocating the legalization of prostitution including the prostitution of young girls. The American Psychiatric Association has said there is nothing wrong with pedophilia as long as both parties are consensual. Child sexuality is being openly promoted on television and in the movies.

The advocates of pedophilia are using many of the same arguments to justify their sin as those used to justify the sins of open sex, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. There are some fringe groups that also starting to use the same arguments to justify polygamy, incest, group marriages, bestiality and intergenerational sex.

I predict that our arguments against these sinful perversions will again be ignored, and in time these things will be socially acceptable and legalized.

Last week I shared about a group of scientists who crossed another ethics boundary by creating a human-pig hybrid. Not that long ago, the conservative and Christian world would have been all up in arms over the ethical issues of creating a human-animal hybrid of any kind for any purpose. But once the liberals were given an inch in crossing the ethical boundaries, they are rapidly taking that proverbial mile. It seems that once society has made one abomination acceptable, others generally follow.

Therefore, does the public acceptance of same-sex marriage justify other unethical practices like creating human-pig hybrids?

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