USS Fitzgerald

Seven Sailors’ Bodies Found Inside Wreckage of USS Fitzgerald

A strange and somewhat mysterious naval incident that occurred off the coast of Japan has left 7 American sailors dead.

U.S. warship USS Fitzgerald has been stationed in the waters off of the coast of Japan for weeks amid raising tensions in the region, thanks to the insane and irritable Kim Jong Un and his North Korean military.  While the threat’s from Kim’s purported weapons has been far less worrisome than the hermit kingdom’s dictator would like to admit, the USS Fitzgerald found itself in serious trouble in the region regardless after a mysterious late night collision with a merchant vessel left the massive naval powerhouse damaged and limping back to Japan.

After returning to the safety of a Japanese harbor, a grisly discovery was made inside the damaged sections of the ship.

“The search for seven U.S. Navy sailors who went missing after their destroyer collided with a container ship off the Japanese coast was called off after several bodies were found Sunday in the ship’s flooded compartments, including sleeping quarters.

“Navy divers found ‘a number of’ bodies in the USS Fitzgerald, a day after the destroyer collided with a Philippine-flagged container ship four times its size, said Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin, the commander of the Navy’s 7th Fleet. Aucoin, speaking at a news conference at the 7th Fleet’s home base in Yokosuka, Japan, wouldn’t say how many bodies were recovered, pending notification of next of kin.

“Aucoin said that much of the crew of about 300 was asleep when the collision happened at 2:20 a.m. Saturday, and that one machinery room and two berthing areas for 116 crew members were severely damaged. He said the destroyer — which returned to Yokosuka on Saturday evening with the help of tug boats — was hit on the side and there was a significant impact.

“The victims might have been killed by the impact of the collision or drowned in the flooding, said Navy spokesman Lt. Paul Newell, who led the media on a visit to get a firsthand look at the mangled destroyer.

“Aucoin described the damage and flooding as extensive, including a big puncture under the ship’s waterline, and said the crew had to fight to keep the destroyer afloat.”

While the recovery of these American sailor’s bodies is some form of conclusion to the story of the wreck, many questions still remain as to how a merchant vessel of that size was able to find itself in a situation that made collision imminent.

As Americans pray for the families of the deceased, the Navy continues to work on the troubling mystery of just how this tragic accident occurred.

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