Seth Rich

Seth Rich Will Have His Day in Court, But It’s Not What You Think!

Knowing what we know now about the inherent corruption plaguing the democratic party during the election of 2016, it seems unlikely that any slimy new development would shock us.  But, then again, we’ve been mistaken before.

There has always been an air of sleaze surrounding the democratic party.  Some of this may be attributable to their longstanding stranglehold over liberal cities such as San Francisco and New York City.

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San Francisco is, of course, failing to meet even the most basic of health standards within the city, with trash, excrement, and filth piling up in the streets.

“San Francisco has a reputation as one of the prettiest cities in the world, but a survey of more than 150 downtown blocks has revealed streets covered with garbage, human excrement and hypodermic needles across the liberal city.

“In all, the survey by NBC Bay Area took in 153 blocks — an area that includes City Hall and several schools.

“‘The investigation revealed trash littered across every block,’ the station reported. ‘The survey also found 41 blocks dotted with needles and 96 blocks sullied with piles of feces.’

“The survey results led a University of California, Berkeley infectious disease expert to compare downtown San Francisco to slums in developing countries.

“‘The contamination is … much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,’ Dr. Lee Riley told the station. Riley added that discarded needles could cause HIV and Hepatitis B and C, while dried feces can cause potentially dangerous viruses.”

Yes, it does look as horrific as it sounds.


To sum up New York City’s own trash triumph, we need only examine the most self-epitomizing  story that The Big Apple provided us in 2015:  Pizza Rat.

This four legged, foraging fiend became ubiquitous with New York City in the ensuing months, spawning innumerable pop culture references and products by which New Yorkers could identify themselves.  And they did.  Proudly.


That’s right:  New Yorkers were perfectly happy with a rat dragging a piece of pizza on a filthy subway staircase being their ambassador to the world.  These are there liberal minds that we are battling here.

This profound indifference to filth, of all kinds, is a trait that seems to run throughout the democratic party, from sea to sleazy sea.

In many ways, it is this air of funk, this squalid pall of putrefaction that drives the democrats deeper still into the heart of darkness.  Their thirst for power truly knows no bounds in this day and age, at least as evidenced by their most ambitious ambassador:  Crooked Hillary Clinton.

During the election of 2016 the sheer scope of Clinton’s crimes became barely visible over the horizon, like some sort of miles-wide alien craft, emitting sounds and lights the likes of which we would never have been prepared for.  Clinton had not only rigged the primaries in her own favor, but she also managed to jumpstart a conspiracy regarding Russian meddling in the general election that completely overshadowed her own numerous scandals coming to light via Wikileaks.

We learned that Clinton was getting debate help from CNN:

“Donna Brazile, the former CNN contributor, notified the Clinton campaign in advance of a question she would be asked at a town hall-style event hosted by the cable network in March, according to the leaked emails.

“‘From time to time I get the questions in advance,’ Ms Brazile, now chair of the Democratic National Party (DNC), wrote in the subject line of a 12 March email to Clinton aides.

“She went on to paste the text of a question about the death penalty that Mrs Clinton would be asked. The question, with very similar wording, ended up being posed to the White House hopeful at the event.”

Clinton was actively colluding with the DOJ to keep herself out of trouble:

“Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon wrote in a May 2015 email: ‘DOJ folks inform me there is a status hearing in this case this morning.’

“He was referring to a Freedom of Information Act request by a journalist seeking disclosure of Mrs Clinton’s emails from her time as the secretary of state.”

Clinton herself was against the massive influx of Middle Eastern refugees that she used to claim that Donald Trump was racist:

“In a leaked 2013 paid speech to the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, Mrs Clinton said that Jordan and Turkey ‘can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees’. “

And while all of these are certainly damning in their own right, nothing makes the world more uncomfortable about Hillary Clinton than the trail of bodies that she and husband Bill have left behind.

For years, the Clintons have been accused of shady, terrifying behavior on the global stage, all propped up through the notorious use of The Clinton Foundation as a financial front.  In fact, researchers on the fringe of America’s journalistic sphere have identified nearly four dozen individuals with close connections to the Clintons who have perished in recent years.

One of the most troublesome deaths associated to Hillary Clinton, however, comes to us from the 2016 campaign itself with the saga of Seth Rich.

In a nutshell, Seth Rich was a DNC staffer who is believed by many to be the man responsible for these damning emails finding their way into the hands of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  Assange himself has hinted at this being true, which is why Rich’s unsolved murder is so troubling.

You see, Rich was murdered not long after these emails were delivered to Wikileaks, which immediately rose red flags with a number of political observers.  Of course, to make matters ever worse, Rich’s murder was deemed a “botched robbery” by police, although none of Rich’s valuables were stolen in the incident, including his telephone, watch, or wallet.

Americans aren’t buying it either:


Even Sean Hannity was forced to dial back his own interest in the murder of Seth Rich after a complaint from his parents was received by Fox News.  Fox was forced to retract a story from a week earlier, and Hannity was suddenly unwilling to speak about Rich publicly.

“Fox News star host Sean Hannity, who had pushed the theory relentlessly, said on his radio show that he retracted nothing. He also tweeted the importance of finding out the truth. On television Tuesday night, Hannity said he would no longer talk about the story ‘out of respect for the family’s wishes — for now.'”

Now, nearly eleven months removed from Hannity’s concession, Seth Rich’s parents are reigniting interest in their son’s death by inexplicably suing Fox News.

“On Tuesday, Rich’s family filed a lawsuit obtained by PEOPLE against Fox News, a Fox reporter, and a Trump supporter who is one of the network’s frequent guests, over the story about Rich. The suit claims writers and editors knowingly and maliciously spread ‘false and fabricated facts’ about Seth and his death.

“The suit details how Fox reporter Malia Zimmerman and Trump supporter Ed Butowsky allegedly worked together to mislead Seth’s parents and create a fiction about his death. They recruited former homicide detective turned private investigator Rod Wheeler ‘to assist in their scheme,’  the lawsuit says.

“After the story was published, Fox host Sean Hannity gave particular attention to the piece on his TV and radio shows and on Twitter, court documents say.”

Many on Twitter were quick to call “barnyard excrement” on the lawsuit, alleging that this was yet another piece of the corrupt Washington puzzle.


Given the current climate in the Washington swamp, there is likely little hope that we will ever get to the bottom of the Seth Rich mystery, especially considering the fact that his parents no longer seem interested in solving the murder of their son.

For now, sleaze continues to pile up.


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