Are they Serious? Another Ridiculous Attack on Trump

When assaults on Trump’s cabinet members fail to interest readers, the liberal news media turns to attacking him where they think it must hurt most: his food preferences.

On February 25th, President Trump abandoned the press like he does from time to time. He snuck away to get dinner at the steakhouse inside his new Washington, D.C. hotel. The press wasn’t allowed to join him. The one reporter who was allowed to tag along had no idea where the President was going, and once they arrived he was forbidden from entering.

Trump had a dinner with friends. One of them was Nigel Farage, the UK political leader of the Brexit vote. He and Trump are allies. Ivanka also joined them. But the big news is how Trump ordered his steak.


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The blasphemy that went down in that restaurant goes like this: Trump ordered a 28-day, dry-aged New York strip steak, had it cooked to well-done, and then, after it arrived, smothered it with ketchup. This report circulated liberal news outlets and food blogs alike. The Washington Post couldn’t help taking a petulant jab:

Trump ordered a strip steak, which he ate per his preference, well done and with ketchup, as if the entree would be accompanied by a sippy cup

The Huffington Post also takes a jab:

Ketchup, a beloved condiment among children, has a powerfully sweet flavor. So strong that it overpowers other foods, such as the subtle umami flavors that can only be found in a $54 28-day dry-aged steak. Considering the other things we’ve learned that Trump eats, we’re not entirely surprised.

Leftist blogger Perez Hilton is known for his celebrity gossip website and trashtalk. Readers of his site are randomly asked to take polls. The polls often relate to current events.

No doubt, Hilton hopes his polls will confirm that his large readership feels the same way as he does over some controversial issue. That’s why one poll last week had to do with steaks. It asked: “How do you like your steak prepared?”

I’m sure Hilton was disappointed by the results. Look at this screenshot I took of his poll…

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