A Serial Child Molester Held High Office but No One Cares [NEWS VIDEO]

When a serial child molester was second in line for the Presidency, shouldn’t his time in office be investigated?

I wrote about the serial child molester before, but yesterday he was sentenced.

The news was reported yesterday when he was sentenced. But even though it was reported, I haven’t yet seen the media show the story the attention it warrants.

The Chicago Tribune reports,

Calling Dennis Hastert a “serial child molester,” a judge sentenced the former House speaker to 15 months in prison for paying $1.7 million in hush money to cover up sexual abuse from his days as a teacher and wrestling coach.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin said his sentence would have been longer if not for Hastert’s age and health.  “This is not meant to be a death sentence,” he said. Hastert is 74.

The sentence was handed down after Hastert admitted publicly for the first time that he sexually abused athletes while he was a wrestling coach at Yorkville High School. After Hastert admitted he had “mistreated” some athletes, the judge asked him if he sexually abused them.

How often does a serial child molester suddenly stop his behavior? How often does a serial child molester who used his position of authority to gain power over his victims cease to abuse boys after he acquires more power and authority? Yet everyone is acting like there is no question that Hastert changed his ways when he went to Congress.

It is interesting that when Florida Representative Mark Foley had to resign because he was caught sending male House pages sexually explicit texts and emails, Hastert was still Speaker. Here’s how he explained to scandal, according to ABC News:

“As someone has said in Washington before, the buck stops here,” Hastert said, but he also said he will not step down as speaker, and if Republicans retain control of the House in the November elections, he will ask his party to keep him in his post.

He said the current page program is not designed for the age of the Internet, when explicit messages can be transmitted to teenagers.

“We are now trying to correct the problem,” he said.

So “the problem” was a loophole? Mark Foley did what he did because “the current page program” was “not designed” right?

It is interesting that the mainstream media isn’t curious about any of this. Maybe they’re afraid of where the story would lead. Perhaps they don’t want to investigate how much government has been corrupted by rampant pedophiles.


Joe Scudder

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