Senator Tom Cotton and AG Sessions Destroy the Liberal Narrative on Russia Collusion and Trump Crimes in less than 5 Minutes

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spent a grueling 2 1/2 hours testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday but 5 minutes of the hearing were particularly illuminating.

As one of the junior members of the committee, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) had to wait some 2 hours to get his questions and comments in, but when his turn came he did not waste a second. In just about 5 minutes of dialogue with the Attorney General the Arkansas Senator demolishes almost every aspect of the Russia collusion conversation, as well as several other angles that the liberals have been using to attack the President.

First, he viciously mocks the foolishness of anyone who is actually suggesting that Attorney General Sessions colluded with the Russians. Since Sessions’ detractors have no evidence they have routinely fallen back on innuendo and whispers of innuendo to convict him of crimes they can’t even articulate. Then, he excoriates his Democrat colleagues for implying such slanderous behavior when speaking to the media but refusing to question  their witnesses about their pet conspiracy theories. Cotton pointed out that many of his Democrat colleagues have implied to the media that some awful crimes may have been committed, but when given the opportunity to directly question those involved… they’ve chosen not to. Then, Cotton argues that while the Democrats and the media wring their hands about crimes they say “might have happened” (even though they have no evidence of these events), they refuse to confront the actual crimes that we have proof are taking place – namely, the many leaks pouring out of the intelligence community and government officials loyal to the Obama administration. Finally, Cotton unloads with the one fact that unravels the Democrats lie about collusion with Russia.

“For the record, as stated earlier, the Republican platform was weakened on the point of arms for Ukraine. That’s incorrect. It was actually strengthened. I would add it was the Democratic president who refused requests to supply arms to Ukraine.”

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It’s a brilliant series of questions and comments and it lays bare the lies of the liberal media. Cotton should be proud of the work he did on Tuesday.

Watch and share with anyone who might be confused about what is REALLY going on in Washington D.C. today:

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