Senator Ted Cruz Congratulates President-Elect Donald Trump!

From Ted Cruz:

I congratulate President-elect Trump on an amazing victory for the American worker. This affirms what we have long known, that Americans have resoundingly rejected the Obama-Clinton agenda of bigger government, intrusive regulation, executive overreach, and lawlessness that is killing innovation and jobs, squandering opportunity for working men and women, marginalizing our freedoms, and compromising our security.

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This election astonished the pundits. This was a change election. Americans voted for Republicans because of a promise to go to Washington to reverse our current course, and end the Washington cartel — a promise to drain the swamp. Now is the time to follow through on those words with action. We cannot wait even one day to begin implementing a conservative agenda that fulfills those commitments.

I look forward to working with the new administration to confirm conservative justices from the strong list of 21 jurists that was promised. I look forward to working with the new administration to repeal Obamacare, to once and for all secure the border and enforce our immigration laws, and to take action that will rebuild our military and stop radical Islamic terrorists from infiltrating our homeland.

I am eager to help lead the fight in the Senate to pass the conservative agenda that President-elect Trump promised to the American people.

Charting a course to recovery will not be easy, it will take resolve and commitment to undo the havoc wreaked on our country the last eight years. But the future of America is worth it. Defending freedom and preserving the Constitution is worth it.

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