Senator Ted Cruz Brings Down the House at CPAC

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser (when the crowd is conservative, that is). His CPAC 2017 appearance was no different than the appearances he’s made in the past, these conservatives are his people and he is still their guy. Cruz spoke glowingly of most of the decisions that President Trump has made during his first month in office, particularly when it came to his Cabinet selections. Here’s a bit of what Cruz told Conservative Review’s Mark Levin:

“Many times since Jan. 20, I have raised a glass and toasted Harry Reid, because Harry Reid employed the so-called nuclear option, broke the Senate rules to change the Senate rules. Lowered the confirmation from 60 to 51 votes, and it is a direct result of Harry Reid that we now have the most conservative cabinet in decades.

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And so if I could be a little presumptuous, let me on behalf of CPAC, thank Harry Reid. Harry Reid: Thank you for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And also we should be thanking Harry Reid for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and very, very soon I look forward to thanking Harry Reid for Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch.”


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