Senator Rand Paul is Right about John McCain

As I said in another article, the big news over the past couple days was a tweet from the President (no surprise there), in which he said that fake news was not his enemy, but rather the enemy of the people.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said that Trump’s bad relationship with the press is “how dictators get started.”

But McCain’s colleague Rand Paul (R-KY) said to take McCain’s comments with a grain of salt. He said that McCain’s antagonism towards the President stems from his personal disagreements with him, particularly in foreign policy.

To put it one way, there hasn’t been a war over the past 50 years that McCain is not in favor of.  McCain’s only criticism of any war the U.S. has initiated is that we didn’t invade sooner, and that we didn’t stay long enough (if we even left at all). To characterize McCain as a ‘war hawk’ would be an understatement.

From Senator Paul’s perspective, historically, McCain has been wrong every time. Everywhere the U.S. has intervened, it’s turned out badly. Paul mentioned Syria and how all our efforts to oust Assad has only created more chaos, and getting rid of the Syrian President would get rid of someone who would protect persecuted Christians.

The U.S. can’t go around ‘making the world safe for democracy’ by putting as many people as possible in harm’s way. It tends to make certain people angry, and they fight back.

Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live like to portray Trump as this know-nothing buffoon who calls up random foreign countries and threatens to bomb them over the slightest disagreement. In reality, that caricature is more like McCain than Trump. So, it’s a good thing McCain isn’t in charge.


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