Senator Rand Paul: Find and Prosecute ALL of the Leakers

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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is not someone who is unsympathetic to the plight of many government leakers. There are times when the government is acting improperly, even breaking the law, and for some leakers it seems that the only way to stop the crime is to leak classified information. However, in the most recent cases, Paul argues that none of the leaks have done anything to further our nation’s security or to end lawlessness by the government. In fact, the most recent leaks against our government have all been undertaken simply to embarrass the Trump administration, and far from helping our nation, these leaks have actually endangered our safety and security.

Which is why Senator Paul says the first arrest of an NSA leaker is not enough – the administration must keep going and arrest every individual who has illegally leaked classified intel… including, President Obama’s favorite lackey, Susan Rice.

It goes beyond even the top echelon. We had a low level NSA analyst recently caught revealing documents. We just can’t have everybody in the intelligence community, they have such power to suck up every bit of every transmission, every communication we ever make.

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We can’t have them willy-nilly releasing classified information to the public.

So Gen. Flynn’s conversation was released, that may have not been done by Susan Rice. She unmasked them, but it might have been [leaked] by analysts lower down.

All of them have to be found. And I guarantee there is a paper or computer trail of who released these documents and conversations. 🇺🇸

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