Senator Orrin Hatch tells CNN that it’s “BS” to Compare Gorsuch and Garland Situations

Wow. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time – EVER – that Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has been recorded telling someone that what they’re saying is “BS.”

Hatch is known as one of the most well-liked, mild mannered politicians in Washington, D.C. today. He’s considered something of a gentle soul in the chaos and tumult of D.C. and so to hear him tell CNN that the message being sold by the Democrat Party is “BS” was quite surprising.

Hatch is among the more moderate Republicans in the Senate and he has been known to work across the aisle whenever possible. He also counts Judge Merrick Garland among his friends and would likely have supported his nomination to the Supreme Court had Garland been brought to the Senate for a vote. However, just because Hatch is a nice guy who likes to work with Democrats when he can doesn’t mean that he’s a pushover and he proved it on CNN when discussing his disappointment with Senate Democrats and their decision to block Judge Gorsuch. Hatch argued that Gorsuch was as qualified and deserving a candidate for the court as our nation has seen in a very long time and that it was simply politics that was keeping Democrats from confirming him.

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“They’re politicizing this whole process… This is a guy who is a mainstream conservative, which they hate. They don’t like that. And of course, they are still upset about my other friend, Merrick Garland. But the Republicans had every right to delay that within a presidential election year…”

When pressed by the CNN host that Democrats argue that they are simply returning the favor to Republicans because of their decision to block judge Merrick Garland, hatch grew heated.

“I’ll just tell you straight up, that’s total BS what you’re saying there because I can’t go back in time and show you any case where in a presidential election year they allowed a Supreme Court justice to be nominated unless both sides agreed. And both sides didn’t agree.”

It’s nice to see a little fire from a moderate Republican (and to see that fire aimed at Democrats instead of conservatives for a change), we need more of this from more of the GOP moderates because without them expressing to their Democrat friends how tired they are of the partisanship rancor, we may see the Democrats obstruct every single vote for the next two years. Sadly, while voting “no” normally gets Republicans in trouble, I don’t believe the media will respond in the same manner when Democrats decide to vote “no.” In fact, I’d be willing to bet that the media finds some way to continue blaming the GOP for obstructionism even when it’s the Democrat Party doing the obstruction.

Onan Coca

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