Senator Mike Lee: Wins a Landslide Victory in Utah!

Christopher Halloran /

From Mike Lee’s Facebook Page:

I want to thank my wife, my family, my staff, my volunteers, and of course the people of Utah who have entrusted me with this office and the many responsibilities that come with it. I am honored, grateful, and humbled by the opportunity.

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At times, this entire election year has been humbling for all Americans, and especially so for the political establishment in Washington, D.C. The message of 2016 is that the American people have become increasingly skeptical of the federal government.

And make no mistake: they have every reason to be. Our large, distant, national government has harmed the people it was created to serve—first by taking poweraway from the people and moving it to Washington, and then by taking power away from the people’s elected representatives and giving it to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. This two-step power grab has made the rich and powerful richer and more powerful, but it has harmed everyone else.

We don’t yet know the outcome of all the elections tonight. But we do know that whoever wins the White House and Congress, we all share one responsibility: to restore the public’s trust by returning power to the people. All of the people.

We need a new, principled populism to reform the broken status quo in Washington – a new agenda that recognizes that our world has changed, our economy has changed… but our government hasn’t, and millions of our fellow Americans are suffering as a result.

Elections are not the end of the process. They are the beginning. So, tonight, let’s celebrate a great victory. And tomorrow, let’s move forward with a renewed commitment to restore what has been lost, remember what has been forgotten, and rediscover the blessings of freedom.

Freedom is a bold idea. With it—and in order to secure it for ourselves and for our posterity—we have to do bold things. As we all know, in America—especially here in Utah—freedom never means you’re on your own; freedom means we stand together.

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