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Senator McCain in Hot Seat Over Unverified Russian Prostitute Dossier

Of the multitude of characters not willing to publicly commit to the anti-Trump “resistance” movement, John McCain may be one of the most interesting.

The Republican Senator from Arizona has long held a strange slot in the annals of modern political history.  Known on the right for being a bit too liberal, and far too wishy-washy on key subjects, McCain is loved by his constituents but often despised by those within his own party.  While these characteristics are often a wonderful impetus for change and reevaluation of an organization’s ideals, McCain presents a far more fascinating enigma.  One could be struck by McCain’s defiance as a purely selfish mode of behavior, given that the Senator has been handed a great many of his accolades based on an image of himself that he alone sculpted out of his often-disputed status as a “war hero”.  The reality of McCain’s military malfeasance aside, the Senator has a certain panache for annoying conservatives.

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Now, as the republican party is finally beginning to unite behind the unconventional President that Donald Trump represents, McCain has steadfastly stood to the side, lobbing insults and accusations toward the Oval Office in an act of petty tantrum.  Now, as investigators dive deep into the story of an unverified Russian dossier linking the President to Muscovite prostitutes and an unsanitary sexual act, it looks as though the Senator from Arizona may have been intimately involved in the scheme to smear the The Donald.

“The dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele and his London firm, Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., amounted to a collection of uncorroborated reports of collusion gathered as political research for sale to Trump’s opponents. It proved explosive when published by online news site BuzzFeed on Jan. 10.

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“Now, two lawsuits — one in the United States and a second in the U.K. — are being brought by lawyers for Aleksej Gubarev, a Cyprus-based Internet entrepreneur whom Steele’s Russian sources accused of cyber spying against the Democratic Party leadership.

“According to a new court document in the British lawsuit, counsel for defendants Steele and Orbis repeatedly point to McCain, R-Ariz., a vocal Trump critic, and a former State Department official as two in a handful of people known to have had copies of the full document before it circulated among journalists and was published by BuzzFeed.

“The court document obtained by McClatchy confirms that Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow and a Russia adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussed the 35-page dossier with McCain.”

The dossier has been largely chastised as being a crude attempt to defame the Commander in Chief and nothing more.
Now, as McCain has once again been outed as an integral part of the liberal “resistance” to President Trump, will the republican party finally and thankfully absolve their support for him?  Will conservative media outlets find themselves suddenly untethered from the McCain prisoner of war charade?  Or will this development simply fade into obscurity as the left continues to pile accusation after accusation on President Trump, his cabinet, and his family?

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