Senator Explains that President Trump Did what He Should have Done in Meeting with Russians

Senator James Risch (R-ID) is a qualified expert on foreign policy and national security, so his commentary on the recent hubub surrounding President Trump’s conversation with the Russians must surely have deflated some folks at CNN.

In an interview that Risch gave to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he outlined two seperate and important facts that the media has seemed happy to gloss over in their coverage of the events.

First, whatever happened in the meeting with the Russians was completely legal and the President has the right to discuss confidential information with whomever he chooses.

Second, the President did the right thing in revealing the information to the Russians because the information is likely to save lives.

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Both answers seem to stun Blitzer, but neither should have been surprising, because as Risch explains this kind of thing happens all of the time and has been done (just like this) for years.

Senator Risch also told Blitzer that while the President did nothing wrong, the leakers most certainly have:

It was not the President of the United States that caused this. It was some traitor who’s in the chain of command below the President who actually disclosed this. The focus has all been on a legal act, and an appropriate act that the President did, and for some reason, the national media is not in any way focusing on a very illegal and compromising thing that somebody did that has put the national security of America at risk.

What difference does it make whether he did it knowingly or unknowingly? It was a fact that he wanted to discuss with the Russians that would improve airline safety — if indeed that’s what it was all about — he made the decision to do that. He has the legal right, and the obligation to do that.

There’s a weasel here. The weasel is not the President of the United States. It’s the traitor who disclosed these facts to the Washington Post.

Just a reminder that everyone who was actually in the meeting, still say that President Trump’s comments were nothing out of the ordinary and completely consistent with how situations like these should be handled.


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