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Self Proclaimed ‘Activist’ Handler Implores Twitter to Trash First Amendment

It is peculiar to me how anyone who has made their living off of running their mouth as thoroughly as Chelsea Handler has would ever, in a million years, look to limit free speech in America.

Handler, whose crude comedy stints on Netflix and the E! Network often glorified promiscuity and drug use, has cultivated quite the brash personality as the outspoken and unapologetic girl with a boy’s mouth sort of vibe.  She’s crass, in a way that’s certainly not a product of natural personality, but, rather, a subtle nod to her acting roots.

Now, as Handler moves out of the public spotlight, (possibly by choice), she has taken up a role as an “activist”…apparently.  In the case of the foul-mouth blonde, that “activism” simply seems to mean “tweeting mean things at The President”, as if that in and of itself is a real job.

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Chelsea, when you’re ready to step up here with the big boys and put 6,000 words down a day, we can talk.

Knowing that Chelsea relies on this tactic to stay relevant, we are more than a bit confused about this most recent stunt.

That’s right:  A Twitter troll that goes by the moniker “activist” just asked Twitter to eliminate the right to free speech held by the President of The United States.

Furthermore, and even more asinine, (if that’s possible), is the fact that Handler’s entire “career” is currently based on the idea that she will respond to the very tweets that she wants banned.  Then where will her activism flourish?

Maybe it’s time for someone to give Chelsea Handler a show again.  This whole “tweeting for a living” thing seems awfully temporary.

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