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Secret Service Reveals Details of White House Fence Jumper


Earlier this week, an alarming scene unfolded at the White House, as a young man evaded the Secret Service on White House Property for nearly a quarter of an hour.

President Donald Trump was quick to praise the “swift” response of the Secret Service, who may have saved Trump from a dangerous situation with the fence jumper, but a great many other politicians were appalled at the agency’s lax security measures that allowed the intruder to roam the grounds unmolested for far too long.

Now, new details have emerged regarding the unwanted and illegal visitor, including his identity and the contents of the backpack that he carried to within feet of the President’s doorstep.

“The intruder was on the White House grounds for 15 minutes before being caught, a Secret Service source familiar with the incident told CNN Friday.

“The 26-year-old California man, Jonathan Tran, who carried a backpack and two cans of mace, jumped multiple fences at the White House and set off several alarms before he was caught on the steps of the main door. The Secret Service source told CNN that ‘the response to the alarm was lacking, and found (the suspect) vulnerabilities in the system.’

“Tran has since been charged with entering a restricted building and carrying a dangerous weapon, reports Fox News.

“Video surveillance footage shows that Tran first jumped a fence in the Northwest corner of the Treasury Building, then activated a sensor alarm in the Treasury Moat, the source said.

“CNN reports that Secret Service responded to the tripped alarm, but Tran had already snuck passed one Secret Service post and approached the front of the White House when an officer came to investigate. The source also believes that the intruder then crossed over the East Executive Drive and jumped the White House gate near an East Wing guard post, which the source indicates is not routinely staffed.”

You can be sure that changes will be made within the Secret Service, who have routinely disappointed the President in recent months with a plethora of scandals, faux pas, and a general lack of readiness in the face of trouble.


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