Secret Service Agents Get OK For Historical Marijuana Usage to Boost Applicants

The Secret Service has long been America’s most elite police force, and due to an increased need for agents, the force is looking to make some changes to the application requirements.

During the first few months of Donald Trump’s presidency, it became apparent to the Secret Service that protecting this President and his family was not going to be a walk in the park.  Not only have the leftists ratcheted up their violent rhetoric and threats against the Commander in Chief, but First Lady Melania Trump and the President’s son Barron have been splitting their time between Washington and Trump Tower in New York City, due to the youngest Trump’s academics.

The application process for the Secret Service is rightfully arduous.  The men and women chosen for the Service must be from only the upper echelon of law enforcement, given their proximity to the leader of the free world and his family.  Their other duties in the realm of counterfeiting and government crime also requires that these individuals be completed incorruptible, furthering the need for stringent and through background checks.

Now, one previous no-no on your historical record may no longer excluded you from the Secret Service, however, and it may come as a surprise to many.

“The Secret Service is relaxing its drug policy for potential hires, as its new director, Randolph Alles, laid out a plan to swell the agency’s ranks by more than 3,000 in the coming years.

“Speaking Thursday to reporters in his first press briefing since his appointment, Alles, 38 days into his new job, described a force of ‘very dedicated’ agents facing near unsustainable levels of round-the-clock protective coverage.
“The change to the drug policy, which went into effect in the past month, is an acknowledgment that marijuana is more prevalent in today’s society, officials said, and will allow for a younger generation of applicants, many of whom have experimented with the drug when they were teenagers, access to the hiring process.
“Following a ‘whole-person concept’ in hiring, the Secret Service will no longer disqualify an applicant who has used marijuana more than a certain number of times, instead potentially allowing a candidate who admits to using the drug, taking into consideration the time between his or her last use and their application to the agency.
“It’s a shift that puts the force in line with other federal law enforcement agencies, the agency said.”
The national attitude toward marijuana is changing rapidly as states such as Colorado are reporting an incredibly positive impact from legalization.  Not only are crime statistics in the state backing up what many pro-pot pundits have claimed, but the state recorded a record tax surplus after its first year of recreational weed sales.
While Secret Service agents certainly won’t be toking with any foreign Prime Ministers anytime soon, it is refreshing to see that our government is still capable of adapting to the world around us, especially as it pertains to a plant that is on the verge of national acceptance.

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