VICTORY For The Second Amendment in the U.S. Senate

The Second Amendment wins in the Senate despite the largest propaganda push since Sandy Hook.

It is important to think about these Second Amendment wins because the media is constantly trying to convince us that America wants gun control. No, they don’t!

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People act like the NRA somehow overrules the American people. How? Their only source of power comes from the people. It may be true that non-gun owners can be convinced to answer a poll that supports another restriction. But that doesn’t predict their real voting behavior. Law-abiding gun owners, however, know and care deeply about being harassed and restricted by legislation that will not keep anyone safer. The Second Amendment wins because the people who own and carry guns care deeply about it—as reflected not only in their voting but in their spending. Anti-Second Amendment politicians pour contempt on the NRA because they are afraid to name their real enemy: millions of gun owning Americans.

Back before the media succeeded in burying the story and getting us to move on, we heard about the BATF’s operation “Fast and Furious.” The Obama Administration argued that the Second Amendment was responsible for Mexican gun violence because guns were being moved South across the border. And they were… by the Obama Administration. They tried to carry out a kind of false flag attack on the Second Amendment.

Even though it is far less credible, the media and the politicians have tried to use the Islamist attack the same way. The problem is that, when you hear a continual stream of insane lies in the media, it can discourage you. Even though you see through the insane nonsense, you figure that a majority of others must believe it. You feel like you are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Each time the Second Amendment wins, remind yourself that the seeming consensus is just another layer of the lie. A great number of people find the media chatter as insane as you do.

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