Seattle’s “Safe Injection” Spaces Give Way to Drug-Addled Seafood

While the big pharmaceutical industry continues to hide and deny their wrongdoing being a wall of corrpution and governmental collusion, our nation is suffering immensely.

This may be the largest issue to face our nation in a great long time, maybe since the Civil War, but we aren’t talking enough about this in the United States thanks to the overreaching power of greedy pharmaceutical corporations who put profits over people.

Now, don’t get me wrong, making money is fine and great, and we all enjoy a good capitalism success story, but we have always drawn the line at harming others.  While we may consider hardened, “thug” drug dealers as a menace to society, even their criminal activity is mundane compared to the death toll of opiates and the pharmaceutical pharaohs who push them.

To fully understand the issue, it is imperative that we all understand one basic facet of the issue:  Opioids are heroin.  There is no difference to our brain’s processing of these two drugs, and we have only ever found comfort in pill-form heroin on account of our trust in our doctors.  Otherwise, you’re literally doing heroin.

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Now, imagine if heroin dealers had the backing of Deep State politicians, and were wealthy enough to bribe doctors to push their products.

You’re catching on, aren’t you?

In an effort to treat opioid addiction as a medical issues instead of a criminal one, (a commonly understood positive step forward), the city of Seattle has opened several “legal injection” sites to help curb overdose deaths and collateral damage done by unsanitary needle practices.  This, combined with the State of Washington’s forward-thinking stance on recreational marijuana, should help to alleviate some of the strain, but it’s going to take some time.

Just how bad is the opioid epidemic in Seattle?  The answer is, pretty darn bad.

An opioid has been discovered in shellfish off the coast of Washington state for the first time, according to a new study that suggests the effects of the pain killer epidemic have transcended the human population.

Oxycodone was detected in mussels from the Seattle and Bremerton harbor areas of the Puget Sound in a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife pollution survey. Traces of the chemotherapy drug melphalan, a potential carcinogen, were also discovered.

Melphalan was present at “levels where we might want to look at biological impacts,” scientist Andy James of the Puget Sound Institute said in a statement. Experts believe drug residues likely passed from wastewater in treatment plants into the expanse of water off the coast of Washington.

Researchers behind Washington’s Puget Sound Mussel Monitoring Program take uncontaminated mussels from Whidbey Island and place them in locations in Puget Sound biannually. The mussels eat by filtering water, so their tissue provides an insight into contaminants.

While these mussels are being harvested solely for scientific study and not ingestion, they would be safe to eat given that the creatures do not metabolize opioids.

Fish, however, do, creating a massive concern for the entire ecosystem off the coast of Seattle.


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