Seattle Leftists are Undermining their State’s Constitution

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Progressives are angry people. They see injustice in the world everywhere, and they really want to correct it. They want to make things more equal, they always claim. So, to make things more equal, they violate the principle of justice: every person equal under the law.

For a long time, Washington state’s Constitution has thwarted the state’s liberals’ attempts to spread their agenda far and wide across that land. It limited any state income tax to a flat 1%, no matter how much you make. Liberals call this “regressive” because it applies equally to the rich and to the poor.

Kind of like God’s tithe. They would say God’s principle of the tithe, 10% regardless of who you are, is unfair, punitive, and “regressive.”

Now, they’re aggressively challenging this. The city passed a tax of 2.25% on individuals making over $250,000 or couples making $500,000. The old system — one rate for everybody — just isn’t fair:

“Seattle is challenging this state’s antiquated and unsustainable tax structure by passing a progressive income tax,” said Mayor Ed Murray in a statement. “Our goal is to replace our regressive tax system with a new formula for fairness, while ensuring Seattle stands up to President Trump’s austere budget that cuts transportation, affordable housing, healthcare, and social services. This is a fight for economic stability, equity, and justice.”


You see, the name of the game for the liberals is wealth redistribution. They seek power through politics. Politics requires winning a majority of the votes. But liberals want to regulate the details of our lives. They want to tell people how many ounces of soft drink they can consume. Or how many ounces of water their toilet can flush. They also want to let men use women’s bathrooms, and vice versa.

They would not win the votes if they came to the people with these proposals. So, instead, they need to make a deal. Give a little, get a little.

These dumb regulations begin as laws that are passed by Congress, and then the specifics are spelled out in minute detail by the bureaucrats who write the actual regulations. But, to get these laws passed, the liberals figured out a long time ago that they need to buy our vote. They learned long ago that they could pay off the middle class with free retirement (Social Security), free medical benefits (Medicare), and lots of jobs in the military sector (war spending), just to name a few.

But, to afford massive payoffs like these, they need money…


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