Scottish University Bans Pro-Life Student Group

It is an old communist trick to demand rights that they intend to deny their opponents once in power. They will claim that they are marginalized, discriminated against, or that their freedom of expression is being violated. But once they are in authority, they will quietly make your right unavailable.

This is what has been happening in public schools and universities in the West for decades. The hippies who blockaded the student dorms in the sixties now ban the creationist from the classroom. And the same thing has begun for those who stand against abortion.


Pro-life students at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, have been banned from setting up an official group affiliated to the students’ union, raising further concerns over freedom of speech on campuses.

Despite effectively censoring pro-life opinions, the ban was enacted on the grounds that the groups’ mere existence would “contravene equal opportunities” as the pro-life students may “harass” others. There is no indication that they have done so in the past.

A minute of a meeting of the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association (USSA), seen by Herald Scotland, said: “Anti-choice groups actively use intimidation and fear tactics to harass people entering abortion clinics.

“The establishment of anti-choice groups would directly contravene equal opportunities policy by giving them a platform to harass students. This in turn violates their safe space.

“Allowing an anti-choice group to form would be a barrier to freedom, equality and body autonomy for those with uteruses on campus and therefore not only violate existing standing policy, but also act against the interests of a large amount of the student population.”

Now to hear this explanation, you would get the impression that by their mere existence the group would ban abortions. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Even if they did stand outside of a clinic and “harassed” women as they went in, they could not stop the women from killing their babies.

The cold truth is that they, like all fascists, want to silence their opponents.

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